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Author Topic: Verbal Sensibilities  (Read 2409 times)


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Re: Verbal Sensibilities
« Reply #10 on: March 21, 2010, 10:27:20 AM »

I'm 27 and I was raised on George Carlin albums, and I tend to hold the belief that anyone who gets genuinely offended by "harsh language" just needs to chill out a bit and take stock of their priorities in life.

The difference being that you seek out George, he doesn't tend to be where you are. I love listening to his stuff, not becuase I can giggle at the 'harsh language' but the ideas he throws out. Being defined by your lack of social decorum lays you low on the strate of acceptable behavior. Shouting out a synonyms for a pile of sticks every time you need to announce your disapproval. I'd much rather use the whole vocabulary I was gifted with than to toss out a shock word for no good reason. As for priorities, respecting the people around me is somewhere from the middle towards the top of that list.


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Re: Verbal Sensibilities
« Reply #11 on: March 21, 2010, 02:06:52 PM »

Generally speaking, you have to seek me out as well.  It's highly unlikely that you will ever find me out chatting up random strangers in real life, I have a small tight circle of friends and I prefer to keep it that way.  As for VOIP, the way I see it, if I'm invited into your vent server or whatnot, you have requested my presence.  If you don't like what I'm saying in your vent/guild chat/etc. you're more than welcome to ask me to leave.

As for "Shouting out a synonyms for a pile of sticks every time you need to announce your disapproval" I disapprove of abusive speech in general.  If I'm genuinely disgusted with something thats going on to the point that i feel the need to rage I would leave the situation post haste.  As for other people being abusive I find it much more constructive to either just ignore them entirely, or if I'm feeling particularly impish, instigate them a bit before I go on my way.  Getting offended does nothing more than cause undue stress on yourself.
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