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Author Topic: The No Excuses Promise  (Read 1118 times)


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The No Excuses Promise
« on: December 04, 2011, 08:38:39 AM »

Consider this the official mission statement for No Excuses.
1. We will always be a community show first. We will always provide some way for you to interact with the show hosts and make ourselves available outside show times at least 3 days a week for a combined minimum of 4 hours a day (Holidays and emergencies excluded). We will always be a podcast who will involve YOU!

2. We will always provide Events for you to interact both with us and the rest of the No Excuses fanbase.

3. We will always make an effort to give back to you in some way. Our major events will always have a prize associated with them, and you will always gain NLR reputation.

4. We will welcome any and all into our fanbase as long as they are tolerant, caring, don't personally attack others, work to be their best, aren't trolls, and understand they represent more than just themselves.

5. We will never hold ourselves back, we will speak our minds and what you get will be our undiluted and educated opinion no matter the issue.

6. We will always be assertive towards those that threaten the NLR or are intolerant, hateful, or mean spirited towards our members for any reason. We are always looking out for you as long as you're doing your best to be just a good person in general.

7. We will always show gratitude to those that work to support us and make sure they receive acknowledgement somewhere on our many means of providing content for you. Conversely we will not tolerate those who work to impede our progress and you guys, the fans, will never be in the dark as to who or what is going on in regards to this.

8. We will keep you as informed as possible. We will never withhold critical information from you guys. We may tease you about upcoming ideas, but as soon as they're finalized you will be notified.

9. We will never be a show that belittles others who are undeserving. Barring ragging on them on vent, you will NEVER hear us on air hate on a specific individual just because we disagree with them. We promise to take all points of view into account and try to see things their way. We may assertively disagree, but no show host will ever hold any grudge just on the grounds of anyone disagreeing with us.

10. We will always work to improve ourselves. We never see our production as perfect, and we take our feedback very seriously.

11. Some form of production will come from us EVERY WEEK! Be it a D&D adventure, the show, a livestream, a video, or any other media format we feel like releasing.

This is not subject to change, and as long as we have support and are doing the show everything above remains in effect permanently.

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