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Author Topic: Show and correspondent submission help/guidlines?  (Read 1021 times)


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Show and correspondent submission help/guidlines?
« on: March 12, 2010, 02:11:23 AM »

Hi all,

I apologise if this has been covered, however I have looked around the site to no avail.

For those wanting to submit correspondent pieces or those with a view for their own shows do you have any guidelines?  There was a pretty extensive post over on WCRadio and I am sure most of that will apply, I don't think its publicly available now.

My interest is primarily in the correspondent area and I was wondering if some of the current show hosts might be able to help me out with some answers.

1. Someone may want to go into the type of rig etc required, but that's not currently an issue for me so I will leave that to you if you wish to discuss it.

2. Back ground tracks - will anything do - do your current limitations apply to these per music removed for archives? (If so what would be a source of suitable back ground tracks)

3. We all know Casually Hardcore is currently the best show on the station =P are there specific requirements for individual shows (apart from the obvious content relationship)

4. I think while waiting for a live show I heard one of the hosts mention you guys have a server cost distribution system in place. (I assume if add or other revenue is not sufficient)
a) would this be required for correspondent segments
b) as a rough guideline for time rich people (aka unemployed) could you give a bracket of monthly costs ie $1 - $50 per month or something?

5. Correspondent submissions would be short by definition - I'm assuming no longer than around 5 minutes?

I'm sure others will want to add to the list with their own questions etc, thats about all I can come up with at the moment.

Happy gaming



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Re: Show and correspondent submission help/guidlines?
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2010, 07:22:23 AM »

If you'd like to be involved in the Correspondent Program, send an email to vtwsubs@gmail.com.  I will respond with the requirement for short-form content.  These requirements cover topics, length, etc.

The correspondent program is a means of growing VTW Productions organically.  It gives those who would like an opportunity to try out podcasting in one form while not having the strict requirements of time etc. on the presenter.

We have a financial model in a draft form that's designed to protect the long-term stability of the station.  I'm not going into details here, as that information is really "need to know" for the show hosts and other staff on the station.  We are exploring all avenues for revenue to keep the station going.  Currently, correspondents are not included in our financial model.

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