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Author Topic: 12 Year old Develops his own Theory of Relativity  (Read 2405 times)


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Re: 12 Year old Develops his own Theory of Relativity
« Reply #10 on: April 02, 2011, 04:10:05 AM »

It's impressive what this kid can do but articles like this show you how much the mainstream media sucks.

Firstly, he did not "develop a new theory of relativity". All he did was point out a few things about chemical abundances in the universe while taking an astrophysics class. He makes some valid points but some of his arguments don't make sense. It has very little to do with any of the theories of relativity.

Secondly, I hate it when they make the obvious "ZOMG IQ GREATER THAN EINSTEIN'S" argument. IQ means little even when doing academic research and it's not like Einstein was the only (or even the smartest...) physicist EVAR.

It's your usual story of some journalist taking something he doesn't understand, running with it, and it getting blown out of proportion.

Having said that, I'd rather have seen an article like "child prodigy already at university at 12 and doing research." Is that not impressive enough in itself?
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