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Author Topic: HOW TO: General forum usage  (Read 2519 times)


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HOW TO: General forum usage
« on: October 28, 2010, 12:42:04 PM »

This is going to be a VERY basic guide for hopefully any computer user. More advanced users, bare with me.

Creating an account

-Load up the forums, where you are currently.
-Click "Register" towards the top.
-Follow the on screen instructions, choose an appropriate user name, your current email address, a good password (check below)

Understanding New Posts etc..


Creating a good, healthy password

http://xkcd.com/936/ <--Very useful guide.

Bad examples of passwords:

-Your username (Ken)
-Your pet name (Oliver)
-Your name + birthday (GoheX∞)

Commenting on already existing threads.

-Choose a board, a good place to start off might be VTW General Discussion's "Hello Thread", go along and introduce yourself.
-Scroll through, read what's already been said, most importantly the first comment to understand what the thread's main topic is.
-Once you are satisfied with the reading and decided what to respond with, go down and click "Reply", when you're done, click either "preview" or "post", I'd recommend looking over your post and correcting any spelling and grammar, making it as simple to read as possible will increase your chances of getting a good response.

Creating a new thread

-Choose your board. Select it.
-Scroll to the bottom, select "New Topic"
-Type in whatever you want to talk about with an appropriate title.
-Click "Post"

Understanding Basic Forum Formatting

If you are in the middle of creating a message for the forum, you will notice above the box you type in, there are a large number of buttons. Each one has a specific function. Here is a brief description of some of the more common ones, and how to use them:


Creates your text with a bold attribute.

Code: [Select]
[b] message [/b]

Creates your text with the italic attribute.

Code: [Select]
[i] message [/i]

Creates your text with the underline attribute.

Code: [Select]
[u] message [/u]

Creates your text with the strike through attribute (useful for humour mainly)

Code: [Select]
[s] message [/s]

Creates your text with a glow effect. You can change the colour of this effect.

Code: [Select]
[glow=red,2,300] message [/glow]

Creates your text with a shadow effect, you can also change the colour in this, and the shadow placement.

Code: [Select]
[shadow=red,left] message [/shadow]
Creates your text with a moving effect.

Code: [Select]
[move] message [/move]
Font Size

Changes the size of your font from the default to something larger or smaller.

Code: [Select]
[size=14] message [/size]
Changing colour

This allows you to change the colour of the text.

Code: [Select]
[color=red] message [/color]
Spoiler Alert <--Mouse over.

This allows you to make a spoiler alert!

Code: [Select]
[spoiler]Spoiler Alert[/spoiler]
YouTube videos:


I believe it describes itself. Allows you to show YouTube videos from a normal youtube link, assuming the video has been allowed to be shown on other websites by the uploader.

Code: [Select]

If you have the image link available, as in the image is already on the internet, then you can take the image link and place it within the following tags to show a picture:

Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
Inserting links

Allows you to make a word a link.

Code: [Select]
[url=www.vtwproductions.com]VTW Productions[/url]
Inserting Code

This allows you to insert code, like has been done in this thread, to show how certain commands work (do this without the .)

Code: [Select]
[code] code [/.code]

For example this

The easiest way to quote is to click "Quote" above a message if it's already on the forums. Otherwise, you type these commands:

Code: [Select]
Please do not format all messages, only where appropriate for emphasis or humour. The majority of formatting is for messages such as this, to draw the attention of the thread reader, to understand an important point related to VTW rules

Community Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the pictures on your desktop or laptop background, and there are some created by people here in our community here. They are pretty damn awesome.

-First, have a look at this link here and see what you like.

-Second, click on which wallpaper you like. This will enlarge the image so you can see it in all it's glory.

-Next right click on this large image, once it's fully loaded, and select "Save Image As..." or something similar, depending on which browser you are using.

-Save it somewhere you will remember, such as "My Pictures".

-Enter this folder, right click on the file you just saved, and select "Set as desktop background". Voila, enjoy your sexy new background.

Community Signature Userbars

Signatures are what appear underneath each message you post on the forums. A userbar is a picture, with possibly some writing on it, displayed within your signature. You'll notice I currently have two underneath my posts. Interested in creating a signature, maybe even with a userbar?

-Check out the page dedicated to userbars here.

-Look at them carefully and choose which you like (don't pretend you're an admin or anything like that though, or I will hurt you ;) )

-Right click on the first one you like, open up notepad in your pc. To do this (in windows) hold down the windows button, then press R. A small box will pop up, type in "notepad.exe" (without the speech marks) then press enter.

-You can now create your signature. It is limited to a certain amount of space, but a userbar or two will be ok. Press CTRL-V to paste the link of the image. Type in:

Code: [Select]
in front of the link and

Code: [Select]
behind the link.

-Now, go back to the forums. Click on "Profile" at the top of the screen, then click on the link at the left that says "Forum Profile Information". Scroll down to "Signature" and return to notepad. Select the entire piece of text, press CTRL-C. Return to the webpage, click on the large white box next to "Signature", press CTRL-V.

Click save. You're done =)


An avatar is the picture to the left of your comments on this forum. First off, you have to choose an image you want as your avatar. There are already some you can choose from without finding one on google, but otherwise go into google and find yourself a picture that's not too large.

-Go up, click on "Profile". On the left click on "Forum Profile Information".

-You now have three choices. Firstly, a ready-made picture. If you choose one of those, scroll down and click save, because you're done =)

-If not you can collect the link from the picture you found on google, and paste it into the space. Click save at the bottom.

-And if you want to upload your own picture, click "Choose File", then click save at the bottom (once it's uploaded!)

-Done. Check to see that it has turned out as you planned.

A place to upload files.

This is a good place to upload pictures to, if you want to show it somewhere on the internet.[/code]
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Re: HOW TO: General forum usage
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2010, 05:30:14 PM »

Until get a spoiler function, you can ghetto-spoiler by combining glow and text color.


Code: [Select]
Also note that anytime the code accepts color in name, you can also use hex color codes.

Red, green, and blue for example. Experiment with the codes or find a dynamic color picker like the one I linked above.

As for images, I thoroughly recommend imgur over any other image hosting site for quick uploads. If you want to keep a gallery, imgur does that too but there are other sites that do it better. If you don't like imgur (I don't know why you wouldn't like it) the other site I recommend is TinyPic. TinyPic has a maximum of 1000x1000 hosting, though, so it will automatically scale down to meet 1000 pixels on the dimensions.

edit: Seriously, don't use Imageshack. It is terrible.
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Re: HOW TO: General forum usage
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2012, 01:23:15 PM »

Updated with spoiler alert.