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Author Topic: Discuss "Delightful Ironies"  (Read 2816 times)


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Re: Discuss "Delightful Ironies"
« Reply #10 on: September 27, 2010, 09:53:02 PM »

I was a little surprised at what appears to be serious responses to a non-serious blog post which I enjoyed for what it was.  The one thing that I noticed from the examples (I have very little civ experience) is the leaders who are in the game current or past all lived past the fall of the empires they created.  Khan was dead before the fall of Mongolia.  Stalin was dead before the fall of USSR.  China is still alive and kicking unlike Mao Zedong.    This does raise a question though, are the french a playable race and if so do they auto-surrender the first time they get attacked?  (that was a joke)  Is there any playable race/leader combinations where the leader is the one that oversaw the fall of the empire? 

Well, I don't see any reason to have a *tiny* bit of message in an otherwise perfectly silly blog post, and I have to say I revised it many times trying to keep the tone light and not preachy in any way (that would make it seem like I'm actually advocating Hitler to be in Civ VI, which obviously, I'm not.  It's just surprising to me how un-notable the other potential leaders for Germany are).

The French are playable, and the leaders have been either Napoleon I or Joan of Arc, they don't, however, surrender on turn one (well played, btw, Recta).
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Re: Discuss "Delightful Ironies"
« Reply #11 on: September 28, 2010, 10:08:06 AM »

It's just politics.  Hitler is the defacto "bad guy" and even the bleedingest bleeding heart liberal wouldn't argue with that.

Hell, I've seen documentries and the like about Stalin and how a lot of people to this day think he was a "great" man, and did wonderful things for Russia and the whole X millions of corpses was just the price to pay for running a country.

It's kinda scary how some other cultures view the world.
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