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Author Topic: Your Best Kill.  (Read 2114 times)

Darth Xanith

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Your Best Kill.
« on: August 03, 2011, 09:27:09 PM »

We've all been there, had a moment of playing a competitive game online - consumed with blood-lust when it happens. One kill/match/play stands out as amazing and you need to tell people.
So in this thread celebrate your own awesomeness, tell your fellow gamers about the biggest, baddest kill you can remember and be praised for your prowess.

To start things off here is my kill (which you won't be surprised to know happened earlier):

The game: Team Fortress 2
The Place: Payload mission, Badwater Basin
My character: A Heavy armed with the standard minigun, sandvich and fists.
My target: Pretty much the Entire Red Team.

What happened: It was the final push, throughout the map I had been flanking and ambushing the Red defences. As the rest of the team attacked the bomb at the top of the final ramp, I slipped into the building overlooking the pit after a pyro I saw slip in there. I gunned him down and went to the window, able to see a level 2 turret bellow, I shot it to pieces, moving forward to avoid the knockback, picked up a small health kit, tossed my sandvich against the wall and picked it before leaping from the window and gunning down the engineer as he ran from his turretless nest.
Turning I saw the rest of the reds were at the top of the slope and had not noticed me so I headed up there and started firing, killing in rough order: a medic, a demo, a soldier, a scout, a second medic and finally the heavy who only then noticed the danger as the last of his comrades fell. No-one expects the Heavy ambush and it devestates when it hits home.


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Re: Your Best Kill.
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2011, 10:49:56 PM »

The Game: World of Warcraft
the Place:  Prophet Skarem in AQ 40 (when it was current content mind you)
Me: on my Gnome Mage Naturally
Goal: Victory

So there we were..granted this was not our first kill but it was within the first few weeks after we had first downed the Prophet. I DC part way through the fight and was struggling to get back in, all the while listening to my team struggle in vent. I finally get back in with only about 5 people still up but here i am at full health and mana. My raid leader says the only thing I need to hear over vent: "Do it Barry" so i go to work. the next thing i know its down to just me the tank and a healer...then the healer dies. now me being the smart caster I am at max range, but as soon as the healer went down the Giant boss starts heading right for me. I had a choice, run like a bitch or stand my ground. I decided to go out like a champ DPSing til the end and the tank managed to get his attention for a split second, but in the end the bosses corpse hit the ground right at my feet.


the tank and I are just staring at each other from about ten feet way, and the ground is littered with the corpses of 38 of our comrades.

"What just happened?"  "Barry....Killed him...(stunned silence)"  "How?"

and it was at this moment that i shared with the guild what would become our strat for every single boss fight ever.

"HP > Zero = Victory"

Edge Damodred

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Re: Your Best Kill.
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2011, 07:17:03 AM »

Game: Quake 3 Arena
Place: Q3DM17
Me: Armed with rocket launcher
Target: My friend also armed with the rocket launcher

Two forward flying jump pads facing each other over an empty pit, a single small upward jump pad right in the middle. By sheer coincidence we both go on the two opposite jump pads at the same time, colliding with each other in air just over the middle jump pad. Constantly we fire our rocket launchers at each other, disregarding the fact that our own explosions might kill us. For several tense seconds, although to us it was an eternity, we continued to just miss each other by such small amounts. Finally a massive explosion went off and both of us saw ourselves falling into the pit below, chunks of the remaining bits our bodies joining us, who's was who's we'll never know. We both looked up and two shouts of joy could be heard throughout the LAN party. The event log read "Edge Damodred killed Spartacus", "Spartacus killed Edge Damodred". I get top billing because my name alphabetically comes first.


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Re: Your Best Kill.
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2011, 09:00:34 AM »

Game: League of Legends
Place: Middle lane, gank time.
Me: Caitlyn, first time playing her.
Target: Everything currently alive.

So I was the carry, few levels ahead of everyone and no deaths as of yet, no kills either so wasn't doing too brilliant, I'm running towards the mid after buying a really nice weapon, then my team gets jumped. Feeling a burning sensation in my ears, like it's somehow my fault for not being faster at max speed, I rush towards the middle. By the time I get there, I see two of my allies die feet infront of me trying to fall back to the tower, the rest of my team are strewn across the battle field. Not feeling the most confident, but realizing they'd chase me all the way back to base anyway, I decided to attack them. They all had pretty low health, and I had everything, and most importantly, a very fast attack speed. So I concentrate on the biggest danger closest to me: Fiddlesticks, then one by one: "You have slain an enemy." "Double Kill." "Triple Kill!" "Dominating!" "QUADRA KILL!".

Sadly, one was already dead, so I only got 4/5. I know, I was slacking. Not bad though for first time with Caitlyn though eh! They soon surrendered.


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Re: Your Best Kill.
« Reply #4 on: August 04, 2011, 01:21:52 PM »

I could say it was a pentakill in LoL, but it isn't, even though those are pretty fun, they most often come when you're dominating a match, and as such are less impressive. There are also novelty cases like when I swapped positions with an enemy blitzcrank with simultaneous hooks to get him killed by tower, or when I managed to land a nidalee spear on a fleeing Yi through fog, his whole team and a creep wave. But it would have to be either:

Game: League, natch.
Place: Up against the enemy tier 2 tower in top, at the start of late game.
Me: Mordekaiser, experimenting with a damage-focused gunblade build for the first time.
Target: Their whole damn team.

It was a fairly close game, and I wasn't doing spectacularly, having laned mid defensively against Vayne and struggled to adjust to being much squishier than usual. The tower was low and we had a creep wave, but the enemy team had regrouped and were suddenly all missing. My allies pulled back, but I stayed to put the last few hits on, gambling I'd be able to escape despite ghost being on cd. I gambled wrong, as the half the enemy team came up through the river and annihilated my retreating teammates, while the hugely fed Garen and Vayne came around to catch me in a pincer. Realising I would never be able to escape, I resolved to take one or two with me. I wound up 2-shotting Vayne with Mace of Spades, and with the aid of her ghost picked off their entire team one after another, provoking first open amazement, and then surrender. Considering I was only about 3-2 before then, it surprised even me that I was able to do that much damage, and cemented the build as worthwhile in my mind.


Game: League
Place: Teamfight in the enemy neutrals, past an hour into the game
Me: Kennen, playing him for the first time.
Target: The most farmed Master Yi I've ever had the displeasure to see.

Another close game, with me beginning to gain a clear advantage with a stacked up soulstealer and becoming more confident with Kennen's playstyle, but the Master Yi was tearing my team apart and killing me in  roughly a second when he got to me. After a few teamfights where I'd avoided him I was up to 20 stacks and preparing to push into his base, he suddenly came after me and chased me out of the base. I proceeded to kite him through ghost and highlander, bringing him down to the point where he was stunned at minimal hp, then killed him with a perfectly aimed shuriken. To hit all my skills in a tight window of opportunity in my first game as a new hero made me feel impressed with myself and looks great in the replay. I went back in and finished off their base.

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Re: Your Best Kill.
« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2011, 01:44:33 PM »

The game: MW2
The place: Wasteland: Free for All
Me: Intervention with FMJ, Dual USP .45s,Hardline, Slight of Hand
Killstreaks: UAV, Harrier, Chopper
Target: Flawless victory

In FFA the first player to get 30 kills wins and no one is on a team. I was an intervention sniper and I hung around the sides of the map sniping people from the cars and from the tin building as they came around the bushes. I killed 30 people with no deaths. The chopper and the harrier both got shot down right away so it was mostly with the sniper rifle. For those of you who don't play CoD, the intervention takes 2 shots to kill unless you headshot or are close range and has a 2 second delay between shots. I eventually ran out of ammo with the sniper rifle so I picked up someones gun and proceeded to get a double kill and win the game.


Game: TF2
Place: Doublecross under bridge
Me: Spy with Ambassador
Target: A Scout

On Doublecross it is easy to just push people off the map with the pyro's flame thrower push. I was spy and had hidden in that little gap between the staircase going down to the bridge when a Scout found me.  I ran down to the bridge and a friendly pyro airblasted the scout off the map. Scouts can double jump and he was about to land back on the bridge when I headshot him with my ambassador midair and killed him before he landed.


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Re: Your Best Kill.
« Reply #6 on: August 05, 2011, 05:19:53 PM »

Game: TF2
Place: I don't know, but it was a payload that starts off with a bridge wide enough for only the payload to cross over some water.
Me: Spy with Your Eternal Reward
Target: The entire blue team

The match started with me hiding behind a building, the blue team went out and decimated everyone on my side. I cloaked in and went to see what the blue team was doing, and saw that the entire blue team was lined up behind the cart. So I decloaked, and stabbed stabbed stabbed away, killing all 16 members of the Blue team. I taunted, then cloaked away. I then repeated the strategy but only managed to kill a couple, before a scumbag pyro showed up.


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Re: Your Best Kill.
« Reply #7 on: August 06, 2011, 07:04:10 AM »

Game: Borderlands

Place: Arid Badlands

Target: Badass Grenade Midget

I was cruising along when I saw the little bastard. I decided that I would run him over, but apparently his AI had decided that it was going to be sentient for several seconds and figured this out. He started to suicide just as I hit him with the car, sustaining huge shield damage and then...BOOM.

I died, he died, he also dropped an amazing legendary Class Mod that I was able to come back and pick up after I respawned. Maybe it's one of those "you had to be there" things, but that moment and the ones following between laughing my ass off and being excited for discovering the Class Mod he dropped was just epic.

fuzzy logic

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Re: Your Best Kill.
« Reply #8 on: August 06, 2011, 03:39:39 PM »

Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Place: cs_italy
Me: CT with a Deagle, going up the first staircase you'd meet if you go left at the opening fork.
Target: Random T crossing the bridge that is in LoS of the staircase mentioned above.

A kill consisting of 99% luck, but the reaction was golden. I had only a Deagle/Magnum Pistol and was strafing up the staircase looking towards the bridge. My plan was to hopefully not die from bridge fire and make it into the wine cellar. I had no plan beyond that as my plans are usually not thought out. As the bridge came into view I fired one shot that grazed past the corner of a building and hit some T in the head, killing him. I was very surprised by my own kill. I may have even accidentally fired. Looking back, there's no way I could have reacted and aimed as quickly as I did, so luck combined with possibly involuntary muscle spasm it was.

The best part was that I was at a LAN center. One that, at the time, exclusively played massive CS games over LAN. The guy I capped shot up out of his chair, knocking it violently away from him. He then looked wildly around the room, breathing heavily. He started shouting, demanding to know who was hacking!?! Smiling on the inside, I kept playing in silence.

As for awesome things done on purpose: they're so rare and far between that I don't recall anything off the top of my head.


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Re: Your Best Kill.
« Reply #9 on: August 15, 2011, 10:43:41 PM »

This is such a hard thread to post in because of my pure skill and ridiculous amount of epic kills.
Place:Ring of Valor
Me:After my RL friend who was sitting next to me got bursted down by a Afflictionlock and hunter combo It was me vs. the Warlock and hunter. the Hunter was about down to half and was quickly chased down by me and my wolves as I shrugged off the damage from the locks dots with Sham Rage, I ran up to the hunter and smacked him down with my vicious fist and then carried on to run over to the lock who was riding a pillar up to the high ground but just then I heard my friend yelling and turned around to see the hunter back on his feet trying to heal himself up. I quickly shot of a lightning bolt using my maelstrom stacks to 1 shot him and as I finished him the pillar started to go down and as I got over to the foot of the pillar I delivered what could have only been a epic slow motion uppercut that took him out (my wolves and Searing Totem were damaging him while I was fighting the hunter.)

or I could list anything I have done in TF2.