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Author Topic: A Snowstom Cometh?  (Read 4540 times)


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Re: A Snowstom Cometh?
« Reply #20 on: July 13, 2010, 05:32:21 PM »

But anonymity doesn't exist to protect people from reprisal for retarded comments.

It exists to protect people from trolls who would seek to use anything personal to invalidate the opinion of someone else. For example a guy named Muhammed is called a terrorist just because he happens to have a name associated with Islamic terror. Muhammed would have been a valuable poster but is rightfully hurt by the accusation against him and leaves.

One can claim that society is past this, but from personal experience I know it isn't. Further to that, even if Muhammed doesn't have this comment levelled against him, any person who reads his name is coloured by their opinion of what a "Muhammed" might be like and tacit racism certainly does exist within our society.

I believe the point of the site is an (albeit extreme) illustration of this.

Blizzard's attempt to make the community better is laudable. The implementation via the removal of anonymity is idiotic.

You forgot the part where the troll is then openly shown as a racist with his real name beside his comment. Furthermore he's also banned from the forum for racism.

You're forgetting the part where lots of people spew hate online with their names associated with it anyway.  Look at Facebook and MySpace.

You're forgetting the part where people who really love to troll will just do so with fake names on accounts they pay with only with prepaid timecards.

You're forgetting the part where certain military personnel could no longer post in even a customer support forum if they had to have their real name attached to it, for operational security reasons. 

It was a bad idea.  There's a better way to fix the forums:

1.  Post rating.  Downrated posts just die and don't get seen. 

2.  No level 1 alt trolling.  Level 40 required to post anywhere outside the customer service forum. 

3.  Hire more moderators.  There aren't nearly enough.  The reason why sites like this one can remain civil is because the ratio of authorized moderators to regular posters is very favorable.  I'm not saying Blizzard can approach that sort of ratio, but if they were to increase their dedicated forum staff by a factor of 10, it would fix the problem immediately.

The real name feature was an unnecessary security risk that would have been largely ineffective at accomplishing anything but scaring more legitimate posters away. 
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