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Author Topic: VTW Communication: Rules and Guidelines  (Read 2624 times)


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VTW Communication: Rules and Guidelines
« on: June 01, 2010, 05:19:16 PM »

Forum Rules and Guidelines

Any comments made on the forums should be contribute to the topic at hand. Topics can develop throughout threads, but should still remain related to the original post / topic title.

Personal insults, racist, sexist and generally hateful comments will not be tolerated. Such acts will result in a warning from a moderator. Continued inappropriate action(s) can cause a temporary or permanent ban of your user account and IP Address. Arguments are fine, flame wars are not. Keep it civil, and we won't have a problem.

No illegal content such as hacking, mods etc. Also no porn, or generally explicit material. Swearing is allowed, but we recommend keeping the chat as clean as possible to keep the forums civil, and people's respect of you high. This rule includes within links, signatures, avatars.

Moderators and Staff are at hand to help you out. If you ever need any help with the forums, or the website in general, please do send a private message to staff or create a thread in the "Technical Support" board. Moderators and Staff have access to these rules at all times, they can be updated, and general common sense should be adhered to. You CAN get punished for trying to start trouble for the sake of it, even if what you are being punished for is not written here.

Double posting and posting sprees are not encouraged, but you may do so if you think it's completely necessary. Don't do it too often however.

Netiquette should be followed at all times.

Follow the rules of each seperate board, some (such as P.B.P.) have rules that differ from the other boards.

Please do not necro or bump threads. More information here. 1 month is the general limit for a thread to be pronounced dead, unless stated otherwise by a staff member.

This station, and these forums, are English speaking. Please only speak in English so everyone here can understand you.

Please enjoy the forums, we are here to have fun and intellectual chats, and everyone is welcome.

Please note that Admins of the forums are members of VTW staff, and should be respected in that sense. They have the right to warn people, delete messages, topics, move them, and edit them. Staff are still people though, respect must be earned, and please to voice any problems you have via PM's to staff members.

IRC Rules and Guidelines

The IRC should be treated in the same way as you'd speak in the forums, or in public speech. No hate comments, such as racism or sexism, and no flame wars / fighting will be tolerated.

The use of bold text and other special formatting is forbidden for general users, and reserved for IRC reps and such for conveying important information over ontop of the general chat.

Swearing should be kept to a minimum, while swearing is allowed, you must remember the IRC is for all ages and cultures, it may be acceptable to speak with alot of mature language where you come from but it might not be where others come from.

Linking is allowed, so long as it is not to violent, obscene or mature content. Much the same reasons as above.

Do not spam. This means do not overpost in a short period of time. It will annoy others, and will make you look immature.

Bots, hacking, clones, spreading of malicious code, and illegal content are all forbidden.

Any serious breach of the rules should be reported to appropriate staff.

Please note that Admins (@ in front of their name) of the IRC are members of VTW staff, and should be respected in that sense. They have the right to warn, kick and ban anyone using the server and abusing the rules.

Ventrilo Rules and Guidelines

Versus The World Ventrilo is kindly provided by http://www.typefrag.com

Comment spammers and rapid joining and leaving of channels willtrigger auto-ban.

This is not a Ventrilo for your guild to raid in, anyone seen to be doing so will be banned from using it.

Groups of more than 5 people doing PvE content will be kicked.

Please note that this Ventrilo is considered to be rated M for Mature and may contain harsh language.

Please refrain from the discussion of race, sexual orientation, and religion, as these topics may generate a large volume of controversy and may not be suitable for all channel participants.

Please do not play music anywhere unless you are an admin.

Soundboarding, rickrolls and other 4chan/troll material is bannable.

The official language on this server is English.

Discussion and encouragement of illegal activities is bannable, this includes, but is not limited to piracy, drug abuse, paedophilia, harassment, assault, theft etc.

We have zero tolerance for racism, homophobia and other such discrimination.

If you are using the General Discussion channel for gaming, that is accepted so long as you are not limiting other people's right to speak.

Whoever was in a specific gaming (not general) channel first, has the right of way.

Please note that Admins of the channels are members of VTW staff, and should be respected in that sense. They have the right to warn, kick and ban anyone using the server and abusing the rules.

If you disagree with any of the above, would like amendments or new rules, personal message me.

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