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Author Topic: G-senjou no Maou on Steam (What are you waiting for?! Go buy it!)  (Read 1637 times)


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This is the only time I'm going to actually ever squee about a game on these forums that hasn't been persona 4 arena.

Oh my goodness, I did not EVER think this would get localized, but the best Visual Novel ever of all time just hit steam. And to top it all off it's censored no less! (Censored VN's are a good thing, unlike in most other media.) Trust me, you want censored when it comes to most Japanese VN's

Here's a link: G-senjou no Maou (The Devil on G-String) Steam Store Page'
You've got till thursday to get it while it's on sale.

Not gonna lie I hella pirated this game back in 2010, and despite the shoddy fan translation, it was the best thing ever then as well.
Feels so good to finally be able to legally support these doods, and their product.

First off, ignore the name. This is the clean version, you're buying this to read the story, and you are buying it, because nobody buys this stuff enough to get it localized EVER. It's a squeaking miracle this came over to steam.
No squeaking joke, the main story route in this game tells a better story than The Godfather 1 and 2, Citizen Kane, and Empire Strikes Back if you took the amazingness of those three films and smashed them together.
Don't like it's anime style?
Doesn't matter go read it anyway
Don't like Japanese only voices?
Save some money and buy it cheaper without the voice pack then.
Don't like harem theme/trope?
Doesn't matter, it almost deconstructs it at certain points anyway.

Do you Want to be a 18 year old gangster who may or may not be absolutely mentally ill?
Yes you do
Do you want a protagonist who does what you always want them to do, or at least one that lets you pick the "kill dat dooder" choice, and that be the CORRECT choice instead of altruism leading you to the best ending?
Yes you do!

To date, this is the only story from any medium (Games, books, TV, or VN) that I actually got so sucked into where I legitimately believed I was the main character instead of myself for several of the more extreme parts of the story. The second closest anything has ever come to that level of immersion is the social routes in Persona 3 Portable for the female protagonist's romance route with shinji.
I would love to fangirl harder, but pretty much anything i say will spoil what happens. Plot twists begin at less than an hour into the VN.
Did the fangirling work?
Did I make at least one more person buy this game? Will that extra purchase show companies like nitro plus that localizing Robotics;notes or re-releasing Ever17 is something they want to do? I sure hope so.
Okey doke, fangirling over.
Okey doke fangirling out of my system now.

The only legitimate reason to not buy this VN is if you do not like the mystery genre.

Love ya'll

-Hugs and Kisses, Aristile
P.S No Really just click the buy button like right now for that game.
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