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Author Topic: Be yourself - As long as you don't look anything like you.  (Read 1359 times)

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Be yourself - As long as you don't look anything like you.
« on: September 29, 2013, 05:05:06 AM »

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are those of a tired and cranky 4am Kopii, and may not reflect those of her well-rested counterpart.  These opinions are random rage aimed at the TV, not very well thought out, and may, in fact, be wrong.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I still live in the ancient era of cable TV.  Cable TV means standard 2 - 3 minute commercial breaks of companies trying to pander the latest trends in whatever market they're in.  Some use humour, some use facts, and some don't relate to the product whatsoever.

So, Kopii, what is your point in such ramblings?  I like most commercials: The creativity of the writing, the music selections, the anthropomorphic hamsters, and the chance to ignore it all and grab some snacks, or take other such breaks.  However, there is one type of commercial that always bothers me (and maybe it's because I'm female).  These are the ones that try to convince you to "better yourself" by changing everything that makes you who you are.

In Canada, we have organizations and programs for children to get them involved in various activities, and motivate them to do the things they want to do, the things that make them happy.  We have commercials that carry the message "Don't let other people's opinions stop you from doing what you love."  Too many children and teens drop their favourite activities simply because they are self-conscious about their appearance, or mocked and bullied by their peers for being different.  Some advertisers attempt to change the situation by airing positive commercials that encourage people to live healthy lives and just be themselves.  I usually see these uplifting commercials followed by things like "lose 10 pounds a week with these diet pills" and the pseudo-celebrity Kardashian sisters saying "you need tanned skin to be attractive."

Commercials for various surgeries and procedures are also common these day.  (They always come with risks and should only be used when life deals you a bad hand and your DNA says "No!")  I think if people want a drastic change and be something that they're not, let it be for a day, or a convention weekend, and have a fun experience.  As some of you may or may not know, I go to conventions, I dress in costume,  and I tend to wear very little in doing so.  Most people comment on my character, the series from which I cosplay, or the skill put into the costume itself.  Other comments, usually from girls, are "Wow, you're so thin!" and "I wish I had the body to cosplay like that."  I understand by their tone of voice that these words are meant as compliments, but being sickly and frail is not something that people should ever strive for.  Would those people approach an overweight girl and try to compliment her by bluntly pointing out that she's heavy?  Somehow, I don't see that going well.

We should use our physical selves as a means to express our inner beings, not hide the "flaws" that make us unique.  Variety is beautiful and clone armies are overrated.  It makes me sad that media tells us that being 15 pounds underweight is beautiful, but 15 pounds overweight is unattractive and requires corrective action.  Having naturally dark skin can make you an outcast, but spraying yourself with orange goo makes you god-like.  Short, brittle hair and nails?  You can buy synthetic stuff to wear.  Unhappy with your body type?  Clothing of every kind exists as an effortless, quick fix to alter those problem areas.  Be yourself - As long as you don't look anything like you.  People will love you for it.

Disclaimer: The preceding wall of text was brought to you by a sleepless Kopii.  Her opinions do not necessarily reflect those of VTW, its show hosts, or other community members.  Also, no apologies for any typographical and/or grammatical errors... it's 5am over here.
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Re: Be yourself - As long as you don't look anything like you.
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2013, 02:26:16 PM »

What.  You mean I should not conform to the standards of what my government says I should be.  I should be place in little boxes like everyone else, and live to serve the man.   Also, If I use Ax body spray I will get all the fame, money and women?  There goes that simple dream.

Kopii, Even a 4am Kopii is correct.  WE have lost our vision to what it like to be "me" and not "everyone else"  I love going to Cons for the fact to see what creative minds can achieve with the passion they all have.   Very few time I have heard people complain, and if they do, it seems plenty others around will quickly put them in their place.   I have always been proud of the work of art I create, the stories i write and never ashamed of the person I am.  I do my best to see my kids grow up with the same values and pride to who they are.  I try to also teach them to pass it on.  If you see stuff you like that others have created, SAY SOMETHING.  Support and encourage the process.  A simple , "Hey, that is aweosme,
" or "you look great" goes a long way. 
The use of "flaw" is never correct.  That simply dose not exist.  (unless you are a gnome, then you have a bigger problem than you know)  but 4am Kopii is correct, do not hide what makes you unique.  you would be surprise how Awesome that makes you in so many eyes.

-Great story Kopii!


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