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Author Topic: Geek I/O Episode 19: "2D6 damage to your liver"  (Read 1056 times)


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Geek I/O Episode 19: "2D6 damage to your liver"
« on: May 16, 2013, 01:04:50 AM »

Geek I/O Episode 19: "2D6 Damage To Your Liver."

Welcome to Geek IO episode 19, recorded Wednesday 15th of May 2013! I’m your host CJ Boat,  I’m Jarred Azevedo, I’m Jared Budlong, and I’m Jonathan Slater.

Joining us this week: The only crew to do 2D6 damage against your liver, the podcast that brought you the burning question “Will Tom & David kiss on the mouth?”, Featuring the DM David Crennen, the players, Matt Buchholtz (Shifter Cleric), Matt Cook (Hengeyokai Sorcerer), Brian McGrath (Beastmaster Ranger), and “Handsome” Gary M Soldati (Dwarven Swordmage), of the AMAZING D&D Live-play podcast, Crit Juice!

Geek out with the guest(s) about their stuff! (Interview Section)

What We’re Playing G3:

CJ Boat - Infamous 2, Injustice demo, pokemon yellow onine (http://www.playr.org/) working

Jarred Azevedo - New workout makes me sore.  Spotify.

Rachel Boat - Making fun of CJ and his palmetto bug freak out,

Jared Budlong - Chrome Extension: Definition of Numbers, Hangouts (spoilers?), the internship just got a mention at I/O (doubt it will help since the audience will probably know about it already).

Jonathan Slater - It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...Re-learning NiNoKuni (Got to the Cat King), Hyperdimension Neptunia (Worst RPG I’ve ever tried), Tales of graces f (hey another tales game, and Tales of Xillia is coming soon), Labyrinth Legends (free on PSN), Sleeping Dogs (free on PSN now I own this on ps3 and xbox now), Buzz trivia game (I’m fairly good at trivia), Disgaea 4 (awesome game!), Saw ‘The Great Gatsby’ on Friday. (9.9/10 film. The music at certain times sucked thanks to Jay-Z “H to the izzo”)

Guests - doing comedy and playing D&D

CJ: Goolge IO happened today!
Multi platform play time code 1:19:40

*Intermission Time*(approx 5-7 mins)

“The Great Dale Campbell” from the tadpool and Chefwonder Podcasts made time in his busy schedule to watch this movie and sent us his audio review (he has a full written review on our website). Thank you DALE!


Title: Bio-Dome
Suggested By: Rachel (for Pauly Shore month)
Movie can be seen: Youtube. This movie isn’t streaming at the moment.
Movie Synopsis: Bud and Doyle's girlfriends just dumped them. Now the two friends get trapped in the "Bio-Dome" trying to show their girlfriends that they too are environmentally correct. Will they even get out of the big bubble?
Release Date: January 12, 1996

Main Actors/Actresses:
Pauly Shore as Bud Macintosh
Stephen Baldwin as Doyle Johnson
Joey Lauren Adams as Monique
Teresa Hill as Jen
William Atherton as Dr. Noah Faulkner

TMS Scott Johnson Connection - Kevin West who plays T.C. Romulus in the film, also played as Randy Wysniewsky on West Wing.

Kylie Minogue who plays as Dr. Petra Von Kant in this film, played as Astrid Peth in the 2007 Doctor Who episode “Voyage of the damned.”

During the "restoration of the dome" sequence near the end of the film in which Safety Dance is playing, a dwarf dressed in medieval attire is following the group. This is a direct reference to the original music video for Safety Dance, which features a dwarf in those same clothes.

Well Known Quotes:
Bud: Woah, Woah, Woah! Wait a minute! You guys aren't one of those freaky cults are you? Ya know, who dance naked and you want us to take off our clothes and feed us special punch?
Falkner: ...No...
Bud: Damn! We were so close.

Bud: Russel! How'd you get a job?
Russell: Fucking President Clinton.
Doyle: You had sex with President Clinton?
(45-60 Minutes)

How to reach our guest
critjuice.com - Crit Juice

How to reach us
about.me/dragoskai - CJ
about.me/jaztech - JARRED A
about.me/geminii - RACHEL
about.me/jared.budlong - JARED B.
about.me/jonfromseattle- SLATER

CJ To explain the new Geek I/O format! (since *some* people are still confused >.>)

Next Episode Guest: Zach Woolf of the Major Spoilers Podcast

Raised by a father who learned to read from the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, Zach was exposed to geek life at an early age. Spending childhood days building with little colored bricks and fighting creatures kept inside a red and white ball, Zach never knew how this was shaping him to become a full-blown NERD. Having recently come to this conclusion, his days are now spent scouring back bins, explaining why Batman beats all, and making jokes that go unappreciated.

Next Rant & Review: Encino Man, as part of Pauly Shore Month. This film isn’t streaming but it is free on youtube right now.

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Geek I/O Movie Smackdown Update: CJ Boat
Slater is still in the lead at #1 with Iron Man 3’s Rotten Tomato rating now at 78% with a US Domestic gross of $294,723,579.00 and the Gross Purchase Price of $5,894,471.58. Iron Man is ending its two week run this Friday.

Rachel is at #2 from last week with The Great Gatsby. The Rotten Tomato rating at 51% with a US Domestic gross of $59,405,436.00 and the Gross Purchase Price of $2,284,824.46.

This week we have Azevedo’s “Star Trek: Into Darkness” with a Rotten Tomato rating of 88% making it’s debut this Thursday. Stay tuned next week for the latest “Smackdown” update.

Geek I/O previews:
Disney Geek I/O is this Sunday’s show, and this week we’re covering the ABC/Disney TV fall previews, Smaller holidays at the park, how to treat cast members, and much more!

How it Stacks - Mega Man is UP! Next is...

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“Happy Birthday Jose Castillo (KryptonLogic)” Jose turns 23 today. Congrats duder!

We want to give a huge “Thank You!” tonight to The cast *and producers of Crit Juice. Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat and hang out with us geeks.

Extremely Final Words Of Thought:
We’ll catch you next week folks!
Keep Calm and Geek Out
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