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Author Topic: Geek I/O Episode 18: "Iyaz says: 'Trannie in, trannie out'"  (Read 1004 times)


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Geek I/O Episode 18 w/Iyaz:
"Iyaz says: 'Trannie in, trannie out'"

Welcome to backwards, upside down and inside out Geek IO, episode 18, recorded Tuesday 7th of May 2013! I’m your host CJ Boat,  I’m Jarred Azevedo, I’m Rachel Boat, I’m Jared Budlong, and I’m Jonathan Slater.

Joining us this week, FAQ for Iyaz: http://iyaz.wordpress.com/about/ | short bio: http://about.me/iyaz something whitty snarky snarky snark about making us record on a Tuesday, from Tech News Today, and has the Know How to tell us about things Before you Buy (saved me TONS of money!) Former lawyer, current geek (but not that current geek), Iyaz Akhtar

Geek out with the guest(s) about their stuff!

G3:(Gadgets, Games & Gizmos or whatever we have been playing with this week)

CJ Boat - Guild Wars 2, Dragon Age Origins, Order & Chaos Duels, Iron Man 3 game, cleaning up PC

Jarred Azevedo - Iron Man 3 (was not a hot date, just a total sausage fest), Sherlock (BBC version with Cumberbun Thundersmash), Birthday-ing

Rachel Boat - Screw you all and your IM3!  I spent the weekend at Disney! And celebrated May the 4th be with you at Hollywood Studios!   

Jared Budlong - Iron Man 3 with my hot date as well!

Jonathan Slater - Iron Man 3, ½ through Heavy Rain on PS3 now. Superior Spider Man 009 (check out Comic Geek IO), Watched all of Sword Art Online Anime thanks to BitTorrent surf beta for Chrome (Big thanks LokiRobert in the tadpool).

Iyaz - Iron Man 3 with a hot date as well. I’m constantly watching Mad Men

Title: Jury Duty

Suggested By: Rachel (for Pauly Shore Month)

Movie can be seen: RedBox Instant Streaming (Subscription required like Netflix)

Movie Synopsis:
When jobless Tommy Collins discovers that sequestered jurors earn free room and board as well as $5-a-day, he gets himself assigned to a jury in a murder trial. Once there, he does everything he can to prolong the trial and deliberations and make the sequestration more comfortable for himself.

Release Date: 1995

Main Actors/Actresses (top 5 or 6):
Pauly Shore as Tommy Collins
Tia Carrere as Monica
Stanley Tucci as Frank
Brian Doyle-Murray as Harry
Abe Vigoda as Judge Powell
Richard Riehle as Principal Beasely

Trivia (keep it short):
Richard Riehle played Dr. Jeremy Lucas on Star Trek: Enterprise

This was Billie Bird’s last performance. She played as Rose, one of the Jurors.

This is Shelley Winters last US film performance.

When Tom is in the jail cell with Carl, Tom calls Carl "CBW", but his full name is Carl Wayne Bishop (CWB).

Well Known Quotes:
Tommy Collins: Free Willy, Billy. Not Kill Willy, Billy.
Frank: No, kill Tommy, Tommy

Tommy Collins: If a small taco is a taquito, then a small judge... must be a Judge Ito!

RANT/REVIEW: (45-60 Minutes)

*intermission Time*(approx 5-7 mins)

Name: Kyle sookdev
Subject: bleach and deadman wonderland
Message: is there gonna be a 3rd season of deadman wonderland and is it true that a new bleach season is coming out this year

Rachel: Congratulations Delaware on same-sex marriage! 11th State!

CJ: RIP Ray Harryhausen (1920-2013) From Rob Wynne

CJ:  Adobe kills Creative Suite and goes TO THE CLOUD!(Rach from AWPA)

CJ: Humble Double Fine Bundle!

CJ: EA Acquires Exclusive Star Wars Game License

Jared B: Android Home Automation

Jared B: Red Meat isn’t killing us; though eating it is...

Jarred A: (SCIENCE!) Printable bionic ear sends hearing to the dogs

How to reach our guest:
about.me/iyaz - Iyaz

How to reach us
about.me/dragoskai - CJ
about.me/jaztech - JARRED A
about.me/geminii - RACHEL
about.me/jared.budlong - JARED B.
about.me/jonfromseattle- SLATER

Next Episode Guest: The cast *and producers of Crit Juice.  If you enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons, or being a spectator to the weird antics of a bunch of geeks playing a D&D game, then watch out when these folks add alcohol to the mix. Ready your D20’s and +1 linen shirts for an epic geek out here on Geek IO.

Next Rant & Review: Bio-Dome
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We want to give a huge “Thank You!” tonight to Iyaz Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat and hang out with us geeks.
We’ll catch you next week folks!
Keep Calm and Geek Out
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