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Author Topic: Geek I/O Episode 13: "Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns into Matthew Broderick."  (Read 1274 times)


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“Geek I/O! Episode #13: w/ Dale Campbell - “Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns into Matthew Broderick.”

Welcome to Geek IO episode 13, recorded Wednesday 3rd of April 2013! I’m your host CJ Boat,  I’m Jarred Azevedo, I’m Rachel Boat, I’m Jared Budlong, I'm Dale Campbell and I’m Jonathan Slater.

Joining us this week: 2012’s Na-No-Wri-Mo Winner, OMGCraft’s Motion Graphics Man (my impersonation to make Rachel happy), Good friend to Brian Brushwood & Justin Robert Young of the NSFW Show, and the only man who is more of a Once Upon a Time fan than I am   , We’re proud to welcome back Bill Meeks of Meeks Mixed Media!

But wait.. Bill's internet derped out on him and instead we have Dale Campbell hanging out with us for the majority of the show!

Geek out with the guest about their stuff!

(Gadgets, Games & Gizmos or whatever we have been playing with this week)

CJ Boat - TONS OF STUFF! Humble Android Bundle (humblebundle.com) - Plants vs. Zombies, bladeslinger, Contre Jour. AGE OF EMPIRES II HD (preview up on site!) Also: DISNEY STUFF! (Though Rach may cover this) and guild wars 2 installed.

Jarred Azevedo - NOT A FRIGGIN’ THING

Rachel Boat - I joined the 21st Century! Disney, Finishing my final semester of my Associates degree (BLEH!), continuing my weight loss journey, 4 pics 1 word, Solar 2

Jared Budlong -  My Five Iron Frenzy Adventure.

Dale Campbell - Apart from University, (in the thick of mid-semester exams...and so far passing), the boyfriend has forced me to learn Magic: The Gathering. Also, I have been walking a-lot, so I have been using Walk Watch (iOS) to track them.

Jonathan Slater - Bioshock Infinite (Xbox 360), My little pony (iOS), Dr. Who returned on BBC America. Cantercast had a 2nd interview (Cantercast.Net), Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience Album.

Bill - Hardware. Boxee Box and Nexus 7.

Dale and CJ’s Announcement

CJ: Disney closes down LucasArts, marking today as a sad day for video game history

CJ: David Tennant & Billie Piper Return For ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Special

Substory: BBC Announces Villains For ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Special

CJ: Torchlight 2 releases it’s FULL game engine to the internet: GUTS

Jarred A: (OBS) Scope’s April Fools Flavor I Wish Was Real

*Intermission Time*

“The Great Dale Campbell” from the tadpool and Chefwonder Podcasts made time in his busy schedule to watch this movie and sent us his audio review (he has a full written review on our website). Thank you DALE!

Title: The Producers (Springtime for Hitler!!!)

Movie can be seen: Netflix

Movie Synopsis: A has-been Broadway producer and a neurotic accountant scheme to raise a ton of money for a production that's sure to be a flop -- a play titled "Springtime for Hitler," penned by a Nazi -- so they can then pocket the extra cash.

Release Date: 2005

Main Actors/Actresses:
Nathan Lane: Max Bialystock
Matthew Broderick: Leo Bloom
Uma Thurman: Ulla
Will Ferrell: Franz Liebkind
Gary Beach: Roger DeBris

Trivia : The screech of the black cat thrown by Max as well as the Stormtrooper singing “Don’t be stupid, be a shmartie, come on join the nazi party” in the song “Springtime for Hitler” was provided by Mel Brooks. It’s also a line he provided in his 1983 single “To be or not to be” Hitler Rap.   

When Max is visiting the old ladies in their apartment buildings, he pushes lots of apartment call buttons. Among the list of names are A. Bancroft, a tribute to Anne Bancroft, director Mel Brooks' late wife; M. Kaminsky, which is Brooks' birth name; and J. Gatsby, the main character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby.

Well Known Quotes:
Leo & Max to Ulla
Leo Bloom: We might have a position for you.
Max Bialystock: As a matter of fact, we might have several positions for you.

Franz Liebkind: [at end of credits] Don't forget to buy "Mein Kampf" in paper back. Avaliable near you... at Borders Books... or Barnes and Noble... und Amazon.com

How to reach us / Guest(s): 
about.me/dragoskai - CJ
about.me/jaztech - JARRED A
about.me/geminii - RACHEL
about.me/jared.budlong - JARED B.
about.me/jonfromseattle- SLATER
about.me/chefwonder - Dale Campbell
twitter.com/billmeeks  - Bill

Next Guest: OMGChad / Chad Johnson
The red haired super devil you love to laugh at from Brian Brushwood & Justin Robert Young’s NSFW Show will be joining us. Perhaps divulging to us what’s in store for the Super Duo for this year? Maybe?

Next Rant & Review: Transformers: Beast Wars (Pilot Episode)  as per requested by the overlord himself “CJ Boat.”

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We want to give a huge “Thank You!” tonight to Mr. Dale Campbell Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat and hang out with us geeks.

Extremely Final Words Of Thought:

We’ll catch you next week folks!
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