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Author Topic: Episode One  (Read 898 times)


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Episode One
« on: March 25, 2013, 11:20:45 PM »

Just had a chance to listen to your first episode today, and wanted to respond to a couple of discussion points.

First, to Docdead. You mentioned that you have an expectation of privacy when using certain services that store your data. Compare Facebook and Google to Crashplan and Carbonite. How much do you pay for each service? You get what you pay for, I say. Makes me wonder how many people would actually pay to use Gmail or Facebook if their money provided a guarantee that your personal information would not be used in any way without your express consent.

In the end though, I still bother with social networks because I know their motives. As an individual I'm worthless to them; my value is in my habits and demographics collected in aggregate. That's something I can make peace with. The government, on the other hand, finds far more value in me as an individual for reasons which are almost never good. Which brings me to my second point...

In some way, I guess I have to commend you, GoheX. It's rare when I disagree with someone so strongly that I want to punch them in the nose. I'll try not to repeat too much of what was said on the show, but my main point is this: any form of justice which requires a person to prove their innocence based on the mere assumption or suspicion of guilt is WRONG. Period. End. This is basically what your random internet searches would require. The prevention of crime is NEVER worth the loss of civil liberties. This hits me on a very personal level because of the reality of race in the United States. I mean, yeah, we have a black president now, and most stereotypes are little more than a joke to me, but the one stigma that I may never be able to get away from in my lifetime is that black male = criminal. I've had enough incidents just in 2012, from receiving "extra attention" from store security to being directly asked why I'm in a certain neighborhood while wearing my FedEx uniform--basically, I spend too much of my life already trying to prove to ignoramuses in positions of authority that I'm not guilty, any suggestion of profiling or pre-crime or anything like that... just NO.

Don't mean to rage in your direction, this is just something that hits me on a really personal level.

Overall, doing a good job with the show :)