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Author Topic: Geek I/O Episode 11: Robot Porn & Magnificent Cheese  (Read 1836 times)


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Geek I/O Episode 11: Robot Porn & Magnificent Cheese
« on: March 21, 2013, 12:49:32 AM »

“Geek I/O! Episode 11: w/ guest host: Adam Jones - “Robot Porn & Magnificent Cheese.”

Welcome to Geek IO episode 11, recorded March 20, 2013! I’m Jared “I’ll Swallow your soul” Budlong, I’m Jarred “Join us” Azevedo, and I’m Jonathan “This is my boomstick!” Slater.  Joining us this week is: Host of the Start Select Podcast, the JackOff Champion of the World, and all around decent guy: Adam Jones!

Geeking out with the guest about their stuff

Jarred A: Argo

Slater: Watched the story of Halo and how halo 4 ended. Halo Reach & Halo Waypoint.
Halo Book Order:

Jared B: Google Keep (EverNote-like, Task, Note manager)

Adam J: Cart Life

Jared B: Game Related List

Jared B: A Space Humanity, Free of Earth’s societies
“When humans who go to Mars look back and see that pale blue dot in the distance and think ‘everything I’ve known is on that planet,’ it’s bound to affect them. And hopefully improve them.”

Jared B: WINNING! 404 Pages (if we have time)

Jon Slater: Donkey Kong, “Save me Pauline!”

Jarred A: (SCIENCE!) Scientists Briefly Revive Extinct Frog From Dead Cells

Adam J: Steam Store Allows Early Access

*Intermission Time* (approx 10 mins)

Welcome Back:
“The Great Dale Campbell”(Audio Clip) from the tadpool and Chefwonder Podcasts made time in his busy schedule to watch this movie and sent us his audio review (he has a full written review on our website). Thank you DALE!

Title: The Evil Dead
Movie can be seen: Netflix
Movie Synopsis: Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons.
Release Date: 1981

After completing principal photography in the winter of 1979-1980, most of the actors left the production. However, there was still much of the film to be completed. Most of the second half of the film features Bruce Campbell and various stand-ins (or "Fake Shemps") to replace the actors who left.
The voice of the professor on the tape recording is that of American Movie Classics host Bob Dorian.
Was one of the first films to be labeled as a "Video Nasty" in the UK.

The German translation of the movie's title is "Dance of the Devils".

Well Known Quotes:
[to Ash, after picking up a ceremonial dagger adorned with skulls]
Scotty: This kinda looks like your old girlfriend! Ha ha ha.

Demons: Join Us!

Ash: Why are you torturing me like this, why!?
IMDB Reviews:
Highest -

The scariest piece of horror ever!
29 October 2002 | by (en_van_med_en_bil@hotmail.com) (Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden) – See all my reviews
Until about 3 years ago, my favorite movie was Halloween 2. There was no doubt, whatsoever that THAT was the greatest horror flick ever.
Then, in the fall of 1999, I found The Evil Dead on a sale at a shopping center in Stockholm for a great price. The previous missing 12 minutes of blood and gore (that the Swedish censorship had cut) were back, in the full uncut Swedish version.
I bought it with another film, 'cause there was an offer to buy 2 movies and only pay 100 crowns (about $11/£7 today).

I saw it, and I was scared beyond recognition! The music, the low budget camera, the camera work! Everything. It had everything! It was scary, it was dark, the music was scary, it was made during the golden age of horror (early 80's) with a low budget and no huge stars in it
everything I look for in a horror movie.
It still is my favourite - no doubt about it. I can't imagine any movie being better than Raimi's masterpiece, I definitely can't.
The greatest piece of horror ever!
Lowest -

Really ?
8 November 2011 | by StianAleksander from Norway 7.6 ?? Really ? I'm still amazed I actually made it to the end of the movie without throwing my TV out the window! This was beyond crap.

Unbelievable. I mean, I have seen my share of bad horror movies, but this one is right up there with the worst of them. Val Kilmer in the Traveler is Oscar material in comparison, that's how bad this is. What do you do when your best friend that suddenly turned into a zombie attacks you and drives a pencil through your ankle? You do the only reasonable thing anyone would do, take a nap of course.

Suddenly they just turn into zombies? And what's the deal with the man in the background when they drive over the bridge? Oh well, another 80 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

(45-60 Minutes)

Next Episode:
Guest: Creators of Drinking Quest
The best Drunken RPG ever!

Next Rant & Review: The Raven (2012)
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Extremely Final Words Of Thought:

We’ll catch you next week folks!
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