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Author Topic: Nasuverse! Semi-Open boardless roleplay round 2!  (Read 3369 times)


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Nasuverse! Semi-Open boardless roleplay round 2!
« on: January 08, 2013, 08:08:30 PM »

-----Za World Compendium!---

Locations (known):
Flems General Goods
Various Convient stores/shops/restaurants/strip-clubs
Clock Tower
Fernric(h) and Valvatorez's Money Lending
Riesbyfe's Church

Characters (met):

- DECEASED Riesbyfe Strideburg (Church - Burial Agency London Division Head)

Mage's Association:
- DECEASED Waver Velvet (Magus - Clock Tower Head of Alchemy and Defensive Magic Departments)
Tosaka Rin (Magus - Clock Tower Head of Department for All Gem Magic Divisions)
Emiya Shirou (Magus - Honorary Enforcer, long time boyfriend of Tosaka Rin)
Aoko Aozaki (Magus - Mage of Blue)

Flem (Unknown - Brother of Melf, works the general store)
Touko Aozaki (Magus - Aoko's sister, Hermit Sealing Designate, Mage of Red)
Ryougi Shiki (Assassin/Demon hunter Works for touko)
Valvatorez (Vampire - Co-owner of the money lending store)
Fenric(h) (Werewolf - Co-owner of the money lending store)
Madaline (Unknown - works at the money lending store)
Neko Arc (Neko - Works at Ahnenerbe, Owner)
Neko Arc Chaos (Neko - Works at Ahnenerbe, employee?)
Neko Arc Bubbles (Neko - Works at Ahnenerbe, Chef)

-----Za World Compendium!---

Last time we did this it was pretty fun. So we're doing it again! Here's your synopsis and template, see me for spell lists. PLEASE post your character sheet below and follow the template

Setting: Dat Nasuverse! The Nasuverse is a deep world filled with greater powers set in modern times. For those that are interested, it is set post 5th grail war Unlimited Blade Works route, but not quite at hollow/atraxia yet. If you don't know the universe that's fine. Talk to me for a crash course.

Trailer: Set 8 years after the events of Unlimited Blade Works, the world of magic and mystery hidden away from normal humans has started to finally settle down. However, as often is the case, a new threat is emerging; and unlike previous times the enemy is unseen and does not appear to be sentient. A new disease currently classified as the mental disorder "Antagonist Syndrome" has begun running rampant. Any physically damaged human is susceptible to it, from cancer patients to those with severed limbs. Those affected exhibit a boosted ego, radical violent personality shifts, and impossibly mutated regrowth of lost limbs or destroyed tissue. Both the Church and Magus Association are suspicious and almost certain a greater power is at work. Agents have been deployed from both sides. You are one of these agents. Unravel the mystery, face foes of great and terrifying power, collect artifacts, forge and break alliances, and most of all either choose to bring order or chaos to the world.

Welcome to Crown of the Raven
(Karasu no ōkan)
The adventure Begins, January 15th, at 9:30pm EST on the VTW Productions Ventrilo.

Dm: Aristile

Eye Color

STR: see
DEX: me
INT: for
CHA: more
Magic Circuits: info on these

Equipment: If it fits the character, you can have it.

Background/Biography: This part is very very important. Please keep it updated as the story goes and try to write SOMETHING.

As always, all characters must be approved BY ME.
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Re: Nasuverse! Open boardless roleplay round 2!
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2013, 08:32:08 PM »

Josef Kunze, Executor of the Holy Church
28 years
Lean build
Grey eyes
Unkempt black hair, relatively long (mid-back) and gathered into a rough ponytail
Clean shaven

STR: (E+) C+ (Permanent enhancement magic)
Magic Circuits: (35 D+) 169
Origin: Unknown

Command Seals: 3
Servant: Berserker (Samson the Nazirite)


Holy Sacraments (highest proficiency):
Baptism Sacrament: Simple ritual with ten-count aria. Exorcises demons, banishes wraiths, very little physical effect, almost no effects on high level spirits e.g. servants.
Cremation Sacrament: Black Key sigil; immolates target.
Dokhma Sacrament: Black Key sigil; dessicates target.
Interment Sacrament: Black Key sigil; petrifies target.
Jhator Sacrament: Black Key sigil; conjures flock of crows to attack target.
Tribulation Sacrament: Experimental sigil; sonic burst centred on target.

Main thaumaturgical school is Temurah numerology (basic proficiency). Studied to enhance ability to use Black Key sacraments, which require knowledge of a magecraft system.
Basic operation of simple mysteries (esp. materialisation of Black Keys)
Basic Bounded Field (incomplete reverse-engineered Dead Apostle Territorial Field)
Runic magic (basic proficiency): Berkana (tracking), Ehwaz (hardening). +2 on rolls due to study.
Formalcraft (basic proficiency): Primarily used for mana supply/mana isolation for experimental purposes (to prevent circuit damage).


Compound bow with hunting sights

Standard enchanted Bible (capacity 1776 compatible objects) containing a large number of Black Keys in various formats, predominantly broadhead arrows, but also including a few standard alternatives such as daggers, spears etc.
Proverbs Chapter 2 page imbued by Aoko Aozaki to multiply the power of stored conceptual weapon by 40.

Experimental Conceptual Weapon "Horn of Tribulation": Large-scale experimental Anti-Fortress format Black Key delivery mechanism designed, constructed and enchanted by Josef himself. Stored disassembled in an enchanted tome much like conventional Black Keys. Takes the form of a small siege ballista incorporating elements of Formalcraft and Runic thaumaturgy (therefore technically a heretical weapon), drastically reducing prana consumption from use. Deployment takes several minutes to set up, and a firing cycle is approximately equivalent to a 10-count aria. Projectile is a modified Black Key in the form of a 30mm diameter crossbow-style bolt. While the bolt has substantial direct damage due to sheer size, its main purpose is as the delivery vehicle of a large scale sonic attack, affecting everything within a 50m radius of the point of impact. Directly exposed brittle inanimate materials fracture on exposure. Normal humans exposed will suffer hearing damage as for an extremely loud mundane noise and will experience a temporary feeling of extreme fear and oppression. Low-level Dead Apostle familiars up to Ghouls are instantly turned to ash. Low-level Vampires suffer extreme physical pain, dehydration and mental trauma. Effect on Dead Apostles, if any, is undetermined. Has now been field-tested and demonstrated to be effective on conjured beasts summoned by the Dead Apostle Ancestor Merem Solomon.

Spear "Frostbite": This spear was received in compensation for services rendered in another world. Inspection reveals that it originally had multiple layers of strong magical enchantments anchored to it, however cut off from the Thaumaturgical System of its home world, it is little more than exquisitely crafted spear with some magical residue on it. Of more significant note, psychometric probing reveals that while the wielder was originally human, he or she gradually left humanity behind, eventually becoming a spiritual embodiment of death. Consequently, the impression left on the weapon is unlike the traditional "hunger for slaughter" great weapons sometimes acquire, but rather it is imbued with the pure concept of "bringing life to an end". Because of this, Josef believes that the spear has great potential to serve as the core substrate for constructing a new conceptual weapon, and hopes to obtain assistance from Atlas to complete it.

Smartphone: A normal and mundane smartphone.

Magical Riding Crop: A captured mystic code in the form of a riding crop which produces a blast of concussive force when prana is channelled into it.

Mystic Camera of Distortion: The shell of a fairly upmarket camera with a preserved mystic eye mounted in the lens chamber. The device can be aimed using the viewfinder and will cause space to twist around an axis directed toward the target point, distorting all objects in that space.

Portable Ahnenerbe Locator: A strange form of compass that always points toward Café Ahnenerbe.

493 pounds cash

Magic Ring: Causes recuperation while asleep to be accelerated to 400%.

Handcuffs: Mundane, non-fuzzy lockable handcuffs.

Confiscated lock picks: Set of mundane lock picks confiscated from Akko to (unsuccessfully) prevent her from getting up to mischief.

Caladbolg II: The Fake Spiral Sword. A single-use projected noble phantasm modified to be used as a arrow. Must be fired from the accompanying longbow. Does A-rank damage across a wide area. Aria:
My core is twisted in madness
Fake Spiral Sword

Black cloak captured from slain "Hassan": +2 to move silently checks.

3 heavy bandages

2 adrenaline syringes



A dabbler in many disciplines including several branches of thaumaturgy outside of the Holy Sacraments. Focus of studies is in research and development of the Black Keys from general purpose anti-unit conceptual weapons into specialised weapons for other tasks while retaining their mass manufacture potential. Has a general interest in the creation of novel conceptual weapons and mystic codes, as well as reverse-engineering existing artefacts and mysteries to create his own versions. As an example, Josef's signature Bounded Field has little in common with the type used by a typical magus, but instead is a simulacrum of the Territorial Fields used by Dead Apostles.

Originally compelled by a disgruntled superior to enter Executor training in the hopes that he would either die in training or failing that be able to be assigned somewhere out of the way. Successfully completed the brutal training process by a narrow margin.

Primary personal combat discipline is archery using broadheads prepared with Black Key sacraments. Not physically exceptional or extremely skilled in combat compared with many executors, but supplements his lack of conventional combat prowess with skill in the use and application of Black Key sacraments and broad general knowledge of thaumaturgy and large scale combat tactics. Uses the "Bible materialisation" system for storing Black Keys for the improved prana economy over directly manifesting blades using the hilts.

Specialisation in long range brute force en masse obliteration of Dead Apostle familiars, and as such is called in for first strikes on entrenched Dead Apostle strongholds and post-purge remediation of sites where Dead Apostles have moved on and left a large number of familiars behind where the site has been declared unsalvageable.

While his services are valuable, both as a destructive force and a researcher, the Church tries to keep Josef busy enough not to explode another abbey with heretical experiments. As such, he tends to be assigned a lot of long term travelling jobs, preferably ones where collateral damage is relatively unimportant. This also gives the Church the ability to feign ignorance if any of his experiments turn out to incorporate blatantly heretical elements. Josef is therefore assigned and reassigned multiple missions in a row to minimise the odds that he will be back at home base long enough to start any dangerous projects.

Has a tendency to follow orders without much questioning (or much zeal either) if they do not run extremely hard against the grain, as he is mainly focused on things that are curious or interesting to him, and works to pay off the many and various bills for accidental property damage he has incurred over the years.

Josef was assigned to a church in London under the supervision of Riesbyfe Stridberg, and quickly took over the research facilities, which he subsequently severely damaged by means of an unstable experimental sigil. His supervisor then assigned him a punitive task to apprehend the career thief Akko Oohashi. Tracking Akko to a warehouse, Josef swiftly captured the thief, but sensing the presence of a Dead Apostle on the premises, he was force to coerce her into cooperating while he investigated. The pair bore witness to a ritual in an undocumented basement of the warehouse wherein a plague known as "Antagonist Syndrome" was dispersed over London by a Dead Apostle Ancestor later identified as #16 Gransurg Blackmore. They were then sealed in the building while Blackmore departed, and were rescued by Riesbyfe as the basement appeared to collapse. Josef was then assigned to liaise with The Clocktower to resolve the crisis and also to act as Akko's supervisor in the field.
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Re: Nasuverse! Open boardless roleplay round 2!
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2013, 08:58:30 PM »

Name: Radric Davis
Age: 23
Height: 3'1"
Build: Kinda thin but still fit
Eye Color: green
Hair: Aragorn style
Arm: Crab

Magic Circuits: 81 B-


A finely crafted silver circlet with runic engravings on it, thought by Radric to protect himself from attempts at mind reading/altering.

A curious tattered and colorful satchel full of interesting trinkets vital to Radric's exploits.
-2 plain spherical rocks
-1 poor quality spherical sapphire
-1 bag of marbles
-1 track ball
-1 crystal ball ghost remnant

Magic rod, gray/purple gem. 2 ft. Ash. Dragonscale core.


cell phone

Glove of Binding - divine EX

Belisar's old flute - allows Bardic Knowledge

VIP club pass

Concentration Ring - Spirit Gun

Kaleidoscope - True Seeing

Rod - Mystic Eye

Fishbone Necklace

2 hair strands from Toko

4 White Masks

Red Cloak

Purple Cloak

Skull Mask (assassin)

One of Dante's guns

1202 Dollars


Parents died at while Radric was young. Their wish was for him to attend Magus Institution of Witchcraft and Wizardry (A little known subdivision of the Clock Tower). He's an exceedingly curious fellow with a tendency to fixate on things that don't really... exist. Radric often believes his situation is much more fantastic and grandiose than it truly is. Mythical creatures and webs of conspiracies are always on his mind, despite lack of any solid evidence supporting their existence. The only things stopping his mentor from getting fed up with his nonsense is his high intellect, fierce loyalty, and ability to pull through despite dire circumstances.

Radric collects perfectly spherical objects of any size, color, or material makeup for unexplained reasons (he often carries several of them in his satchel "just in case").

Radric relies more on quick wit and setting up traps rather than brute force when it comes to combat scenarios. Better to escape with nobody harmed then break a sweat and risk your life, right? Except blorgons... Radric knows those should be killed on sight, if he ever were to see one.

Other things:
Rod magic user - alteration spec

Mentor: Rin Toshaka

England branch of Magus Institution

Image color: Grey

Spells Learned:
Spirit Gun
Boundary Field
High Speed Aria
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Re: Nasuverse! Open boardless roleplay round 2!
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2013, 05:49:59 AM »

Name: Akko Oohashi
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 158cm
Build: light
Eye Color: blue
Hair: Long Brown Hair, normally loose. Tied into a ponytail for infiltration missions.
Notes: Lost left arm in combat, have a magical arm replacing it. Mark on Non-Magical right Arm.

Magic Circuits: 56 C+
Bonuses: +1 to Knife rolls.

Starting Equipment: 12 throwing knives, a lock picking kit and a small 6 shot pistol

Current Items:  Full Bible containing: 2 black keys, 4 sets of Lock picks, Magic Throwing Knives, 2 Throwing Knives, Mysterious Spy Glass, a small fire extinguisher, a small battery powered torch, Fully charged batteries which are the correct size for the torch, Bulb changes for the torch, 2 First-Aid Kits, change of clothes, 4x walky talkies, a stick of butter and A copy of "the Bible for Dummies."
Equipped Items: Enchanted Ankle Bracelets (jump) and Shadow Step Gloves

Spells Known:
  • Baptism sacrament (10 count spell, requires Sigil, low end ghosts. Mostly against Demons and Spirits)

Cash on Hand: $848 USD

Akko Oohashi is a world class infiltrator for hire, utilizing her dexterity and intellect to enter anywhere her client's desire.

She was 18 years old when she was scouted by a security company, her high intellect and gymnastic skill enabled her to enter hard to get to places. These places included; supply rooms, off-limits areas and boys-dormitories.

On a dare, she broke into a manufacturing warehouse. After picking her ninth lock, she was caught leaving a note on the desk. Instead of charging her with breaking and entering, the owner, seeing her potential, sent her to a friend's security firm to test her skill. After one hour, she had signed the contract which started her career.

While she mainly still works for the main stream security company, she does take private jobs which have certain dangers attached to them. As a result, she carries a set of knives and a pistol to get her out of troublesome situations brought about by some requests.
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Re: Nasuverse! Open boardless roleplay round 2!
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2013, 07:31:31 PM »

Name: Damon Levay
Age: 23
Height: 5'9
Build: Slight
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Blonde, permanently scruffy

Magic Circuits: 99 (100) B+
Image Colour: Grey
Origin: Unknown

Damon grew up in a rural town in the north of England. There he aided his family with their farm, tending animals, plowing fields and generally living a  quiet life. At age of 13, he was scouted by a Clocktower historian who was in the region researching an ancient line of magi. While Damon does not remember much about the magus himself, he does remember their first conversation.

"It is decided. You, boy, are coming with me to London. I have already made arrangements with your parents."
"Why? I like it here. I don't want to leave."
"Listen to me boy. You have no choice in the matter. As far as your parents know I am taking you to an exclusive school for gifted children, which is mostly true. However in you I sense enormous potential.
"Potential for what?"
"Power, boy, raw magic power. I am taking you to London so that you may be trained as a magus."
"Magic? that stuff isn't real. What if I refuse to go?
"If you refuse, then I may just have to kill you now. If left to your own, your power will run unchecked, and you will be a danger to yourself and everyone around you. You will destroy everything. Homes, lives and eventually, yourself, if something doesn't get you first."

Since then, Damon has studied at the Clocktower under several tutors, most notable of which is Tohsaka Rin. His power has manifested itself as an affinity for fire magic. Along with that, he has also taken it apon himself to study and practice various forms of meditation. Damon is usually a happy, relaxed person, and prefers to avoid direct confrontations whenever possible. When stressed, he falls back on his meditations, which can make him seem distant and unattached to what is going on around him.

Damon is extremely mindful of his own power and seeks to have the absolute maximum amount of control over it. The primary function of his meditation is to suppress negative emotion that may cause him to lose control. When stressed he increases the emotional suppression in response to his stress levels.

Though he has a hard time admitting it, even to himself, Damon is terrified of his own power.

Ablilities & Spells:
Command Seals: 3
Create Concussive Blast rune gem

344 US Dollars
3 Incomplete Concussive Blast Runes
Ridiculously Expensive Umbrella handle
Magic Rod, red/grey gem
Mobile Phone
Tiny Magic Keyboard (Allows haste)
Ring - only need 2 hours sleep p/d
VIP Club the Club Bumpity Bump, of the WubWub Chain
Magic Amplification dagger - 1 use
Small First Aid Kit
Fishbone necklace
Stormtrooper walkie-talkie
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Re: Nasuverse! Semi-Open boardless roleplay round 2!
« Reply #5 on: January 21, 2013, 04:00:13 AM »

Late to the show but ready to go!

Name: Evan Tomoi

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Occupation: Magus Enforcer

Appearance: 5'10, 160 lbs, Long Black hair, generally seen wearing loose-fit clothes. His eyes are hazel and his face is rather soft looking for a male.

Magic Circuit: 78 C+

Strength: E+

Dexterity: D-

Intelligence: D+

Charisma: E

Personality: Evan usually has a cheerful and playful personality when he is with friends and family. He is a joker and likes to be the life of the party. But when it comes to his studies and work, his playful persona fades quickly. He has a very intolerant temper when it comes to incompetence and he has trouble seeing why others don't take their studies and magic seriously. Despite this brash side of him, Evan can keep himself mostly in check, unless set off by another.


Trained by the Magus Institute to hunt Philosophers and sometimes Hermits, I was chosen to be a servant of the Magus association and will do anything to keep these rogue Magi in check. Under the supervision of Emiya Shirou, I learned my craft.

My main specialty is Numorology, but I've always yearned to follow in my masters footsteps, even if he tells me it's impossible. Post graduation, I've began learning Telekinesis and I've reinvigorated my studies in Familiar Weapons. My personal preference are Summoned Swords.

Even though I've always been far more powerful than most magi, I've always resented being born without a bit more magic circuit. If only I had a bit more, perhaps I could follow in my masters footsteps after all...

But, as I've been told countless times by my master, "If there is overwhelming power and speed, there is no room for technique. Techniques are something humans invented to compensate for their weaknesses." Learning a technique that matches the power of my master's may be impossible, but I'm nothing if not persistent!

Now that I've begun my post graduate studies, I've been informed that I will be assigned to a new mission soon. Considering the rumors I've heard about how bad the state of the world is, I'm not sure I'm ready. But if I'm ever to gain the power to wield my weapons telekenetically, I must gain real experience!


WubWub! chain VIP Pass
3 100 pound notes
Magical Steel Pipe
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Re: Nasuverse! Semi-Open boardless roleplay round 2!
« Reply #6 on: February 05, 2013, 09:37:39 PM »

Akko's Magic Lesson

Josef found her in the Clock Tower commissary, filching the rather banal cafeteria food from the kitchens after hours.

"Oi, thief."

Akko turned around.

"I've been putting this off long enough. It's time for your magic lesson. You're not going to survive in our world if you can't operate mysteries, and unfortunately Lady Stridberg made you my responsibility. Come on."

The Executor led the former thief-for-hire to an old disused classroom. A space had been cleared on the floor and a large sheet of black paper laid down. On one of the desks that had been pushed aside sat a pot of paint, a brush and a mess of small phials.

"I'm going to need you to trust me through this mess and pretty much just believe me on whatever I tell you or instruct you to do, even if it sounds outlandish. I know you haven't really got much reason to do so, but rest assured, I'm far more interested in evading the wrath of the Maiden of the Holy Shield than I am in seriously harming you for frivolous reasons. Give me your hands. This will sting a bit."

Josef took Akko's hands, held them over the opened pot of paint and pricked the tips of each of her ring fingers with a needle. After allowing seven droplets of blood from each hand to fall into the paint, he let her go.

"This will take a bit to set up, so while I do that you're going to get the Magic 101 lecture."

Josef opened his Bible toward the back and squinted at some notes scrawled in the margins, then at a compass on the table. He then began to add various glittering powders from the phials into the paint and stirring them in.

"If you haven"t figured it out by now, I have no idea what to say to you, but magic is for reals. The part that isn't clear is that almost no one you meet even on our side is actually a magician; rather, most of them are magi, that is, those that use magecraft."

Satisfied with the additions to the paint, Josef checked his notes and compass once more, then started painting a circle on the ground, adding various geometric shapes to it at specific points.

"I'm no magus, or rather, I'm pretty much a total amateur at what the folks here at the Clock Tower do. But since Lady Stridberg knows I can use a bit of magecraft, I have to teach you enough to get you going and able to use the Black Keys."

Josef began referring to his notes again, and writing various words around the circle in Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

"Basically the world can be viewed as a computer. You're not a magus, so I expect you know how those work. Anyways, the main operating system, Gaia, keeps things ticking over in accordance with physical laws. Magi are those who write programs which shortcut to certain results without abiding by physical laws, although the result must be something which the OS can accommodate. This is the difference between magecraft and magic; magic can achieve results that do not exist within the scope of things that are doable via natural means."

Finishing the large magic circle, Josef checked the position of the overhead lamps, and started to disconnect several of them.

"Each programmer, or magus, studies one or more coding languages, or Thaumaturgical Systems, by which they can create these shortcuts to desired results. The agents of the Church, while generally not considered magi, use a Thaumaturgical System called the Holy Sacraments almost exclusively. In addition, I use a system called Temurah for more magecraft-like techniques. Magi around here use all kind of systems, like Alchemy, or Notarikon or any number of others. I'm not really good enough to teach any of these kinds of things, ask one of the mages."

Josef began to paint a second, smaller magic circle a short distance from the first.

"In general, the key to magic is a form of self-hypnosis. A magus needs to persuade themselves that what they want to happen can be made to happen, then supply the spell, or mystery with the prana to make it so. The most popular mechanism these days is an Aria, a spoken spell. Because they are an agent for self-hypnosis, Arias are not systematic, and two different magi attempting to apply the same Aria should expect different results, since what can persuade one magus might not work for another."

Josef checked his notes once more, appearing satisfied with his magic circles.

"In the self-hypnotised state, the magus channels prana to create the mystery. Most magi use internally generated energy, called "od", channelled by means of their own magic circuits to initiate a mystery. These can be thought of like "prana vessels" which take in the energy and convert it into prana. Once the mystery is initiated, a magus will usually switch to utilising ambient external energy generated by the world, called "mana", which is available in much greater quantities, to sustain the mystery, filtering it through their circuits to convert it to prana just like with od. Some simple magecraft, like reinforcement, can be done just with od, and extremely talented or powerful magecraft-users can stretch their od a long way. But in general most people have no magic circuits, and therefore cannot convert either type of energy to prana. Well, there is a way, but don't use it. Seriously, you'll die. "

Josef turned to Akko.

"You, surprisingly, have quite a few magic circuits, but they're empty and dormant. In order to use the Black Keys Lady Stridberg gave you, you need to channel prana into the page where they are stored to draw them out. So I have to forcibly wake your circuits up. This is easy for gem mages and not so easy for a half-assed pseudo-magus like me, and since stabbing you would probably raise some eyebrows, I had to draw up all this crap." He waved his arm vaguely in the direction of the circles.

"This would normally yield poor results, if any, but since you have an affinity for shadows, it should work. It will, however, quite possibly be the most painful thing you've ever experienced to date. You probably won't die, although how long it takes you to supress the pain is up to you. Kneel in the large circle, facing the smaller one."

While Akko followed his instructions, Josef drew a Black Key and nicked his finger with it, proceeding to then smear a streak of blood down the length of the blade.

"Get ready. This will seriously hurt."

Josef stabbed the Black Key into the centre of the small circle, superimposed over the chest of Akko's shadow, and opened up all his magic circuits, dumping as much prana as he could into Akko using her shadow as a conduit. Although paralysed, tears began to stream from Akko's eyes. Josef withdrew the Key, allowing the thief to collapse in agony.

"There, I've flooded your circuits with my od. Your body will reject it with your own, but to make the pain stop you need to find the way to switch off the flow of your prana on your own; it's different for everyone. I can't help you now, but when you get through this, you should be able to open and close your circuits at will."

Josef pulled up a chair and sat down to wait.
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Re: Nasuverse! Semi-Open boardless roleplay round 2!
« Reply #7 on: February 05, 2013, 10:30:00 PM »

Is there anyway my character will learn new magic without; having a rib torn out or undergoing immense pain?

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Re: Nasuverse! Semi-Open boardless roleplay round 2!
« Reply #8 on: February 06, 2013, 12:19:01 AM »

Is there anyway my character will learn new magic without; having a rib torn out or undergoing immense pain?
Aoko offered to teach you some stuff; ask her when she's sober.


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Re: Nasuverse! Semi-Open boardless roleplay round 2!
« Reply #9 on: March 29, 2013, 09:26:38 PM »

Given the confusion last session and the lack of clarification in canon materials regarding the method of materializing objects stored in pages of a Bible, I propose amending its use to the following rules:

  • Each given leaf of paper in the book may be used to store a single object. Objects comprised of multiple parts can be stored however; e.g. pommel+hilt+guard+blade may be distinct objects but combined they carry the concept of "sword" as a single entity.
  • The book can easily store items with which it is "familiarised", that is to say, by default it is usually attuned to store Black Keys and whatever else it has been attuned to by the owner.
  • It is simple to store replicates of attuned items, e.g. multiple Black Keys, but one may also store items with a high degree of conceptual similarity to an attuned item e.g. attunement to a standard sword-type Black Key will allow the storage of other sufficiently similar objects which can be described as swords, or objects carrying the concept of the destruction of vampires.
  • An unfamiliar object can be attuned to the book for storage by a simple method requiring no special tools, but the process requires downtime in which to perform it equal to approximately 1 hour per kilogram mass of the object; e.g. a 20 gram lockpick takes a little over a minute to attune, but a 4 kg fire extinguisher will take 4 hours. This might be shortened under perfectly ideal circumstances and with tools; e.g. in a magus workshop.

For those whose characters opted to have Josef teach them the Baptism Sacrament, the general form of the aria (as used by Kotomine Kirei in Fate/Stay Night) is presented below.

I will kill. I will let live. I will harm and heal. None will escape me. None will escape my sight.
Be crushed.
I welcome those who have grown old and those who have lost.
Devote yourself to me, learn from me, and obey me.
Rest. Do not forget song, do not forget prayer, and do not forget me.
I am light and relieve you of all your burdens.
Do not pretend. Retribution for forgiveness, betrayal for trust, despair for hope, darkness for light, dark death for the living.
Relief is in my hands. I will add oil to your sins and leave a mark.
Eternal life is given through death.
— Ask for forgiveness here. I, the incarnation, will swear.
— Kyrie eleison
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