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Title: No Excuses Podcast Information:Times, Contact Info, Locations, and Show Guide
Post by: Aristile on October 30, 2011, 10:51:23 PM
The Complete Guide to the No Excuses Podcast

Do you want to get involved with the No Excuses Podcast?
Do you want to get in contact with any the show hosts or the show itself?
Are you just hearing about our show for the first time?
Do you want to find out where to locate us on internet?
Do you want to listen to our show LIVE, or download previous episodes from our archives?
Or are you new to this whole podcast thing entirely?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, THEN YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Here's a comprehensive guide on everything to do with our lovely podcast, and where/how to catch all 50+ yearly episodes of The No Excuses Podcast only on www.vtwproductions.com (http://www.vtwproductions.com)!

Official LIVE Show Times:

Contact Info:

Where to Listen LIVE on Saturday Evenings:

Where to Listen to the Archive of the Main Show and Special Episodes:

General Show Overview:

Show Topics:

Show Structure:
Show Times and Where to Find Us:

Front Page, Show Page, Itunes, and RSS Feed Update Times:

Specials and Where to Find Announcements:

We hope all of you will join us, and that everyone enjoys the show!

Hope we see all of you on the stream!
-The No Excuses Crew

The show hosts reserve the right at any time to have any section or sections of this post added or subtracted from as new information becomes relevant or old information becomes outdated.
This post is still experiencing rare spelling/grammar/capitalization corrections, frequent formatting fixes, missing information being added, and bad information being removed or updated.
A list and archive of any changes made during each current and past editing session can be found in "The Update Post" that is located further down in this thread. The Update Post details ANY and ALL edits made to this thread regardless of how minor or major the edit was or is.

Title: No Excuses Podcast Information:Times, Contact Info, Locations, and Show Guide
Post by: Aristile on September 26, 2015, 05:24:22 PM
The Update Post
The Official Archive of all Changes Ever Made to This Thread

Latest MAJOR Information Thread Update Completed On
September 28th, 2015 at 8:55pm EDT

Latest MINOR Information Thead Update Completed On September 27th, 2015 at 9:35pm EDT

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Information Thread v3.0 Update Log:
September 27th, 2015 8:55pm EDT

Information Thread v2.2 Update Log:
September 27th, 2015 9:35pm EDT

Information Thread v2.1 Update Log:
September 27th, 2015 7:10am EDT

Information Thread v2.0 Update Log:
September 26th, 2015 8:45pm EDT

Comment Section

Information Thread Version 3.0
September 28th, 2015 9:45pm. EDT
While editing the "Daylight Savings Time Guide", I realized it didn't belong in The Information Thread at all. I think it's much better that the guide has it's own thread now. This way, it can actually be discussed by others. The Daylight Savings Time Guide has also been split into 2 parts. Part 1 is pretty much 100% complete, while Part 2 now resides in a newly created section in the "To Do List" post. Part 2 is going to live in that post until it's editing and formatting are complete.
With the removal of 2 of the original posts in this thread, I have updated The Information Thread's version number to a full 3.0. The Information Thread now only consists of "The Information Post" and "The Update Post". This thread keeps looking better the more stuff that gets cut. With a little more work, it'll be 100% done. That's all for today.

See Everyone Next Update

Information Thread Version 2.2
September 27th, 2015 9:55pm EDT
The Update Post's "To Do List" has been successfully 100% completed. Now I can focus on fixing up the other two posts. With the personal information I gathered from Fernurion, I was able to finally finish putting all the missing pieces of information into "The Daylight Savings Time Guide" post. The Information in that thread may be complete, but it's "To Do List" is a little bit daunting. I wish that I'd taken my time to writing that post instead of just typing as fast as possible. There's so much to edit and fix up in that post it's insane. All the old formatting in it has been removed as well. This was done so the formatting could be done again from scratch. The reason for starting over is because something in the formatting, that I couldn't locate, was ruining the appearance of the whole post. Frustrated, I concluded it was simply quicker and easier to start over. The post temporarily had it's "Post Still Under Construction" banner taken down, but it was quickly put back up when I realized just how many problems the post had.
On a tangentially related note, It is looking Vary Likely that "The Daylight Savings Time Guide" Post will be taken down from The Information Thread once it's To Do List is completed or nearing completion. It won't be gone forever though. The Daylight Savings Time Guide Post will become it's own full thread in the No Excuses forum sub-board. As helpful as it can be, it really don't belong in a thread dedicated to Show Information. It honestly has become such a unique post that it only really fits in it's thread.
On a different topic, the post in this thread that recently housed the absolutely terrible "Update Post Guide" is temporarily being used. It is currently acting as a "To Do List Post". All To Do Lists have been cut out of their original post in this thread and placed in the old and formerly vacant post for the moment. The reason for this was because both of the remaining posts with To Do Lists are quickly approaching the 20,000 text character limit. Over the past 2 days The Information Post alone has already alerted me at least 10 times that i had exceeded the 20k character limit. So, in order to stop myself from struggling with that character limit; I have placed the To Do Lists into a new temporary home in order to make room for more text characters in those two posts.
Whelp, after another 12 hours of work, at least some visible progress has been made. I guess I'll take more attempts at whittling down the remaining To Do Lists at a later point in the week. That's all I have for now. I'll update again soon!

Hugs With Love

Information Thread Version 2.1
September 27th, 2015 7:24am. EDT
I just couldn't let that monstrosity called "The Update Post Guide" sit around. It was probably the worst and most useless thing I've every typed. I spent 5 hours trying to salvage it, but it was just to big of a mess. So, probably for the best, The Update Post Guide has been scrapped. The whole post has been archived for reference in case there's some hidden gems in there, but for now it's going to sit in my junk folder to be forgotten. The reply slot it was once in is reserved for a future update until I can think of something to put in there.
I also decide to let the version numbers in The Update Posts reflect the thread as a whole instead of just The Information Post. A fair number of minor spelling, grammar, and capitalization errors have been fixed as well. Formatting fixes are still on the "To Do List" for all three remaining posts. I don't really have a lot else to say. So... I guess that's it for now.

Love Ya'll

Information Thread Version 2.0
September 26th, 2015 8:51pm EDT
Finally! After 12 hours of straight work, over 75k individual text characters, and almost 100 Perfectly formatted lists; The Information Post is completely updated! This is officially the most work I've ever put into any forum post ever of all time.
This wasn't a huge priority to fix, but it needed to be done. I'd recommend other shows on the station update their information threads as well.
The Daylight Savings Time Guide is still missing it's last few chunks of information, and I'll need Fernurion's help with this last bit I'm stuck on. I'm still keeping it listed as "Under Construction" because of how many holes it has in it's various sections due to lack of complete information.
The Update Log Guide, that is SUPPOSED to CLEARLY detail how to read and format these update logs, isn't anywhere NEAR done. It has a mountain of HUGE problems. T_T Needless to say, it's going to be staying Under Construction for awhile. It's a good candidate for being scrapped because of how bad it is. The more I think about it, the more pointless it seems to keep it in this thread. I might just remove it entirely. and then use it as my personal notes on how to format these Update Log Posts.
Oh well, I got the first and most important part ALMOST done at least. I left The Information Post's "To Do List" on the bottom of it's page, but I've officially taken it out from "Under Construction". There's still a lot of work to do on it, but I feel like it's in a passable state now.
I'm done messing around with this thread for today. I'll play around with these posts some more another day. It's almost time for the show anyway.

Hugs and Kisses<3

Title: No Excuses Podcast Information:Times, Contact Info, Locations, and Show Guide
Post by: Aristile on September 26, 2015, 07:48:23 PM
Reserved For Future Updates

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The Great "To Do List" and Content Surgery Post For All of This Thread's Active "To Do Lists".

Don't panic!
This post is has only very temporarily become the home for each post in this thread's individual "To Do List" and their accompanying "Progress Percentages". Again, this is only a temporary place to put them. The 20,000 character limit per post has become a HUGE issue; which unfortunately means these To Do Lists couldn't stay in their respective posts anymore. Once MOST of the bullet points for each post have been removed from their respective To Do Lists, then this post will once again return to being an empty post reserved for the future.
Each concern is assigned it's own bullet point and Progress Percentage. In order to remove a bullet point from a To Do List the bullet point's associated Progress Percentage must increase. Progress Percentage increases for the associated bullet point for work that has been successful in fixing, updating, or solving that bullet point's particular concern. Once a bullet point's Progress Percentage reaches 100%; it is then removed from the To Do List of the post it's associated with.
I'm sorry I jacked a post for something like this. I'm working hard to get these bullet points removed as fast as possible so that this post can return to normal ASAP.
If you'd like to follow the progress along, each individual post's To Do List is separated from the To Do Lists of the other posts by a line of bold large font asterisks(*) both above and below each To Do List. The topmost To Do List is the To Do List for "The Information Post". The middle To Do List is the To Do List of the post for the "The No Excuses Daylight Savings Time Showtime Calculation Guide". The bottom To Do List is the To Do List for "The Thread Updates Post".
Well, I guess it's time to get back on top of solving these concerns so I can erase some of those bullet points!


The To Do Lists:


"To Do list" for "The Information Post":

Current list of tasks to be done, and things that are being (slowly) worked on or fixed:



"To Do list" for "The No Excuses Daylight Savings Time Guide" Post:

Post divided into 2 parts
Part 1 now has it's own thread
Part 2 is currently on the content workbench
Post is currently ~ 50% complete



"To Do list" for the "The Update Post":
All Tasks Complete, There Are No More Concerns About This Post!

8) Hurray! 8) The "To Do List" for "The Update Post" Has Been Successfully Completed!
All Bullet Points Associated With "The Update Post" Have Been Removed Successfully!
Let's Keep This Post Looking Great, so That It Doesn't Need Fixing Ever Again! ;D


Just 2 More Posts to Go!


The Content Workbench:

Using Fernurion's Local Showtime to Find Your Local Showtime(In DST Observing Areas):

Fernurion's Local Showtime: Sunday at 12:00P.M.(noon) Australia Eastern Standard Time(AEST) UTC offset +10
We recommend using Fernurion's local town (Brisbane) as one of your watched/monitored times in the clock app on your smartphone. That way, by knowing the show starts at 12:00 Noon Fernurion Time in your app, you will be able to count the hours until the show goes LIVE. You can also convert Fernurion Time into your local time, and then make a note of when the show starts in your local timezone for the current time of year where you live. You can then simply spring forward or fall back an hour alongside YOUR OWN timezone. This will cause the show to start an hour later for you when Daylight Savings Time ACTIVATES in your local time zone and you are coming OUT of Standard Time. Conversely, the show will start an hour earlier when Standard Time ACTIVATES for your local time zone as you are coming OUT of Daylight Savings Time. This works because Fernurion's area does not obverse Daylight Savings Time. Since Fernurion is also the one who records the show, the show is set up so that we will ALWAYS finish the preshow and begin the live show proper at 12:00P.M.(noon) Fernurion Time. And so, after one simple calculation (That I'll Break Down Below the next bullet pointed section) you'll never need to think to hard Daylight Savings Time ever again as far as the No Excuses Live Show is concerned.

Examples of How to Use Fernurion's location and local Show Start Time to Calculate What Time the Show Begins for Your Timezone

How to Calculate the Live No Excuses Show Time Without a Smartphone, Tablet, or PC No Matter What Time of Year it is or Wherever You MayLive:
Once we do a little math you will only have to remember to MOVE THE START TIME of the live show FORWARDS one hour (when switching TO Daylight Savings Time) or to MOVE THE START TIME of the live show BACKWARDS one hour(when switching TO Standard Time).
First you need to figure out our current time zone and it's UTC offset. This is easily done by a quick good search. For this example we'll just use my timezone, which is the Atlanta/New York Eastern USA timezone, to show you how it's done. My current official timezone designation, BECAUSE I CURRENTLY AM ON DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, is Eastern Daylight Time(EDT)with a UTC offset of -4. The other more widely know timezone that my area is designated with is Eastern Standard Time (EST) with a UTC offset of -5. However the east coast of the USA only uses EST when we are on STANDARD TIME.
That's one piece of the puzzle, now we have to decrypt the information about Fernurion's local time and timezone so we can use it. The Important things to remember is that his timezone of AEST has a +10 UTC offset, and that the show start time is 12:00P.M.(Noon) for Fernurion's local Time. Lets just keep those bits of data handy for now.
Now lets find us a nearby clock set to the correct current time of our timezone. Let's play pretend and say the clock is running super accurately and is currently telling me that it's 5:00P.M. EDT(-4 offset).
Now let's finally see what all this UTC offset business is about. Firstly the UTC timezone is exactly like AEST in that it does NOT observe Daylight Savings Time. Every timezone has what is called an "offset" that can be positive (+) or negative (-). These offsets tell us how many hours ahead (for positive offsets) or behind (for negative offsets) a timezone is from the UTC timezone.
So how does this knowledge help us. Well using the same principal we can figure out how far off from our own time Fernurion's local time over in Brisbane, Australia is. We know that Fernurion's timezone is AEST +10UTC meaning he is 10 HOURS AHEAD of UTC. For us over in the EDT timezone we have an offset of -4UTC so we are 4 HOURS BEHIND the UTC timezone. Remember that UTC has 0 offset to itself so it won't factor into what we're about to do.
Remember we are trying to find the distance(measured in hours) of the gap between us, NOT TO ADD INTEGERS, so the fact that our offset is negative doesn't matter because we are still 4 units away from fernurion. If you're confused about that think of a ruler with positive and negative numbers that you're trying to find the distance between two points on. It doesn't matter if the numbers are positive or negative because you're look for distance not value.
Knowing what we know now we can take the integers in our offsets and add them together to figure out how many hours ahead of us Fernurion is. Our 4 plus Fernurion's 10 gives us 14 (4 + 10 = 14)! So we know Fernurion is 14 hours ahead of us.
Remember how we are pretending it is currently 5:00P.M. EDT locally for us? Now it's time to use that to figure out what time the show starts for us! First we take our time of 5:00P.M. and simply add 14 hours to it get 7:00A.M.(5 + 14 = 19   19- 12 = 7). We add instead of subtract because we're counting the number of hours AHEAD of us that Fernurion is. So this means it is currently 7:00A.M. in the AEST timezone where Fernurion lives. Now we subtract the number of his current times hour from the number of the show start time hour to get 5 (12 - 7 = 5).  Now we know the show is in 5 hours. So lets add that 5 hours to our 5:00P.M. to get 10:00P.M.! We did it! Now we know what time the live show starts, and we didn't even need a computer or the internet!

How to Figure Out Your Own Local Show Start Time With the Ability to Look up Local Times Globally:
Okay, so what we just did was the hard way of doing it. Let's actually use technology this time. For this method all we'll need is the city Fernurion lives in and what time the show starts for him. Here's a quick reminder. Fernurion Lives in Brisbane, Australia observing AEST and the show begins for him at 12:00P.M.(noon)[/b]. Now lets go on the internet and look up something along the lines of "Current Local Time For Brisbane Australia AEST". Now keep that tab or window on your PC, tablet, or smartphone handy for a little bit and don't close it just yet. Now lets find our hypothetical correct local clock in our room again. Let's pretend it's 5:00P.M. EDT for us once again. Let's remember our own local time. Now we go back to our webpage that is telling us Brisbane, Australia's current local time to see what time it is over there. According to the website it is currently 7:00A.M. over there. Now the next step is easy, just count the hours until it WOULD be 12:00P.M. in Brisbane. Well we know that noon comes after 7:00A.M. in much less than 12 hours so we only have to use the face numbers on the clock this time for our subtraction. So we subtract 7 from 12 (12 - 7)this time which is 5. That difference is the number of hours till show time! Yay, so how to we calculate when the show starts for our time that we're all pretending is 5:00P.M. EDT for the moment. We simply take the time on our clock and add the 5 hours till show time to get the time when the show will be going live on air for us! Now we add 5 hours to our local time of 5:00P.M.(5 + 5) which gives us 10:00P.M. Hurray! Now we know that the show airs for us while we are ON Daylight Savings Time at 10:00P.M. EDT.

How to Just Look Up the Show Time For Your Local Time Zone:
What? That's is that Still to much work for you!? Fine ya know what, we'll just do it the easy way then. All you need to do is remember that Fernurion Time is AEST and the show begins at 12:00P.M. for him. I'll even give you the URL for the best website to get this answer from. You won't even have to click a single link after it loads if you have autocomplete turned on. Here's the address: www.google.com (http://www.google.com). Just go to Google and type in "12:00P.M. AEST to "your local timezone" ". You don't even have to click on a single link. Assuming we're still pretending to all be on EDT Google will just straight up tell us that 12:00P.M. in AEST is 10:00P.M. EDT. Just search for your own local timezone and there's your answer. *grumble* *grumble* Y'all are so spoiled... So obviously the first example is for the technologically impaired, the second example is for those with limited internet, and the third example is the one 99.9% of people who have the ability to listen to No Excuses in the first place will use. Wasn't it fun learning about timezones though? Maybe a little? No? *sigh*

How to Move Your Local Show Start Time When the Clocks Change:

Silliness aside, now you won't even have to do more than add or subtract more than one hour from the show start time ever again! Recall in the earlier "Addressing the Rumor..." section of this post how we discussed how because the show is locked to Fernurion's local time of 12:00P.M. and that his timezone doesn't not participate in daylight savings time? Well, to reiterate the main point of that section, it means that we only have to adjust the show time by one hour whenever the clocks change. Let's use our example of the show being at 10:00P.M. EDT. Remember that EDT is the time designation for the USA's east coast when they're CURRENTLY OBSERVING Daylight Savings Time. Switching OFF of daylight savings time rolls the clocks back an hour. So, we know that when we move to Standard Time (Designated "EST" when on Standard Time) later in the year that the show will begin at 9:00P.M. EST! Now just remember to do the opposite when Daylight Savings Time rolls back around and you'll never miss a live show again!

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