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Title: Let's Write a Story.
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One paragraph each, no discussing plot ideas with each other etc, just pick up and go. You have to read the whole story before posting. There are no rules other than hold back on explicit sexual content, and swearing. Go.

The RMX-A80 class model ship disengaged her braces from the docking station. The engineer aboard gave the go ahead, and the commander, a stern looking, middle-aged man of vague oriental descendence, nodded to the pilot.  The Iethean Hawk had taken flight. The pilot queried:
    "Where to, Commander?",
    "Planet Tyr, Ansley."
There was a gentle hum throughout the cabin as the generators warmed up --it was of course much more complicated than that --but the commander didn't like to get his mind wrapped in to the complex systems of his ship, not when such an important task was at hand.
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Before I write a paragraph, I seem to remember something like this thread happening before except with sentences. I can't find the thread, but it was OLD.

The watchful eyes of the crew stared intensely at the monitors, the flickering lights of the consoles reflecting on their Technicolor glasses. One of the attendants, looked more nervous and fidgety than the rest of the crew, his eyes constantly flickering over the displays from the cargo hold. Every fluctuation, every movement, every slight noise from the craft seemed to make him flinch. A slight jolt of turbulence, caused him to look around the control room frantically. The rest of the crew seemed undeterred by this and continued on, completely oblivious to the twitches of their comrade.
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As Schady twitched the hum of the ship made all he was feeling that much worse; all he could think of was the sweet sweet release of bladder.  He was trained to be prepared for anything, he was a brilliant engineer, and yet Schady forgot to go to the relive himself before they embarked.  Now he has to wait until they are in hyper-cruise before he can leave his position.
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Commander Ike could see Schady twitch, and it made him remember back to the days as a young ensign, ready to take on each and every world they came in contact with.  We wanted to run the ranks of the elite as his family did before him.  But that was in time of War, which has long been over now.   Those days past such as his memory of them.  He saw the movement of Schady, and knew he had forgotten to relieve himself.  It made him chuckle a bit as other crew members on the bridge also noticed.

"Ansley, take her around the third moon slowly and prepare the jump.  Double check the calculations before engaging."  The commander said with a smile.

"Yes Commander," replied Ansley.

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The glow of the monitors lit up the bridge as the overhead light dimmed. For the next hour and fourty nine minutes each man was fully occupied, and for now Ike was content to just let them work. Progress was called out and confirmed between the stations as the Commander leaned back in his chair. This was a moment of contemplation for him. His crew had to be able to go through this without him, because where they were going, the Commander would be more than busy.

Commander Ikes eyes drifted slowly across the room, but in fact he was looking far off into the distance, remembering...
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Well, I say lets write a story..I am in the mood.

The sudden jolt shook the commander from his memory.  Lights glared from several stations to the left and right of the command chair.  Commander Ike looked down at the forward station where he saw Lt. Perymore already at work trying to figure out what happened.

"Lieutenant, what the Hell just happen?" Ike shouted over all other noises, "I just gave this girl a nice new paint job and I hate to think we just ruined it."

Perymore jump to another station," Honestly commander, No clue.  But we just fell out of jump vector and barely managed a control stop.  I have damage reports coming in from all over the cruiser.  She took some damage, but we still have control."

The Commander brought up a small holographic representation of his ship.  The Iethean Hawk shown several areas were blinking red, yellow and a small area on the port side which was black.  Ike turned to a young flight specialist who just joined the crew quickly examined logs of reports on her screen.

"Specialist Mae, any idea what we hit?  Was it a attack....or natural?" Ike shouted towards her.

Mae's face was in some sort of shock.  "Sir, I think a planet blew up in front of us..."
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well then, I shall continue:

Ike's face twisted into confusion, "Blew up?"  Ike turned back to Perymore, "what system were we near?"

Perymore jump to navigation, where a young ensign was being treated for several burns sustained by conduits exploding near her.  He brought up what screens he could and a red flash started blinking on his screen.  He doubled check the location, "Sir, looks like we just entered the Andori system."

Ike punched up details of that system onto his controls and the holographic projection changed from the ship to a yellow star with twelve planets circling it.  "Which planet is missing?"

Perymore adjusted the controls, "Looks like the forth...Andori itself."  Suddenly he noticed the young ensign next to him being assisted by medical staff, with her large sloped head and much wider eyes with double ears of each side of the head.  Tall tale signs of someone from the world of Andori.  Her tears suddenly encircling both of her eyes as the shock drain all color from her face. His heart suddenly dropped.
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Schady began: "Commander we need to -"

"Agreed" Ike cut him off, knowing they needed to act swiftly. "Have engineering issue an all hands general warning. Get engineering to prepare our shields to hold off the debris and any further shockwaves. Contact the quantum agents and have them ready for a jump, I want us out of here ASAP. Send an emergency memo via ansible to command - this was no natural disaster. Why are we hearing no emergency beacons or distress calls? There were 17 billion in thi-" a stronger shockwave hit, the sound would have blocked Ike's speech if the wind hadn't already been knocked from his chest.
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The Iethean Hawk lurched and started to roll.  Large chunks of rocks pelted off the hull as the shadows of much large rocks enveloped the ship.  Perymore quickly strapped into the helms position.  As he started pressing buttons he shouted, "Schady, give me everything you can, NOW"

Schady was barely hanging onto the station he was working on.   A trickle of blood ran down the right side of his face where a new wound opened up.   He quickly wiped the trail away and continued to redirect all power to the engines.   His screen was lite with system failures and damage reports from all over the ship.  Were most people would crumble at all the numerous amount of events going on, Schady found this right at home.  In just a few seconds he was able to restore main thrusters  to the helms control and able to get messages to damage control teams throughout the ship.  Schady turned his head, "Lieutenant, you are good."

The control board light up infront of Perymore.  The Iethean Hawk swung her enormous bow around and spun around each of the enormous rocky ship destroyers.   Quickly they were able to pull the ship well out of the range of the moving debris field.  The glimmer of the sheer size of it was breathtaking on the screen as the reflection of the nearby star highlighted the field. 

Commander Ike paused for a moment then turned to his communications officer.  The older Tallerian by the name of Lt. Paxis looked worse for the wear, with greenish blood dripping from several wounds. "Get Central on the line as soon as you can."   Paxis nodded and went to work.   That is when Ike noticed the stains of blood all over his uniform.  The Pain then became very real.
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Chapter Two

Exactly 5 earth years later, Ike poured the last of the whisky into a faux-crystal glass.

He spends most of his days fishing at the lake directly adjacent to his abode. Not that he has much luck, mainly due to the fact that there are no fish in that lake. But, that didn't stop him sitting next to it consuming store-brand beers and throwing out the line every few minutes for most of the sunlit hours each day.

He almost imperceptibly raised his glass half an inch and paused for a moment. Grunting, he returned the container to his lips and poured the last of the liquid, that is to say most of a tumbler full, down his throat. His eyes now looked much the material in his hand. He placed the glass down on the cheap wooden table next to him.

His cabin for the past few years had been a little rough around the edges. Grass needing mowed and weeds needing weeded, but in the past two weeks Ike returned the estate to the high standard it used to be kept to. He had to make it respectable. Everything was organized into boxes, clothes all washed, and all paper records left methodically sorted by year and purpose on his kitchen table.

Today was different from his normal day. There was no beer-flavoured-water and no fishing, and more unusual, his drink of choice was a 237 year old Scotch. Most goods are simply printed these days, but traditional casked, Earth-made spirits are treasured. In fact most are in museums or the pride of top-bureaucrat's collections. But when the democratically elected Hegemon of the United-Systems of Arn presented this bottle to him 4 Earth-years, 364 days prior, Ike had no intention of preserving the relic.

"Hero, they say," Ike slurred to himself. He looked at the empty bottle, and exhaled out of his nose as if at a joke no one found funny.

Ike stood up and walked back into his home, just then the comms. system began to peal. An expression of despondency crossed his face. "Why today? Computer I said no calls today - you knew that! Hang up, for God's sake".

"I'm sorry sir, your authorization was overriden". the AI responded. A measure of confusion was added to Ike's already contorted face.

"General." a familiar voice came across the comms.

"God damnit I resigned don't call me that, and I didn't deserve that god damn promotion." Ike spat out.

"General, I'm sorry, I'm officially informing you; you are conscripted to serve his majesty, the Hegemon. It's happening again, General." the voice would sound confident to most, but Ike knew his Son well - or at least used to - and the anxiety is emenating through.

"There will be a chopper outside in T-minus 60, General. Ike out."

Ike Senior sighed, picked up his coat and left the house, without a glance back to the carefully stacked papers, militarily organized bags and cabinets, and loaded sidearm next to a handwritten note.

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The ride was usually rough in the chopper, even with the stabilizers working to balance the flying machine as it soared over the mountains and into Denver.   The city was so enormous with nearly 5 million population of human and alien alike.  It wasn’t the largest of spaceports, but it did have the headquarters of fleet command ad well as one of four of the palaces of  the Hegemon located on Earth.  The amount of air traffic and ground made Ike think he was still at the cabin looking down at a disturbed ants nest.  Suddenly the whisky wore off and he began thinking clearly.  “It happening again”, he muttered.   

In the years following the loss of Andori, the war was quick against an enemy they never saw.  The battles were few and in remotes sections of the known galaxy.  Even smaller empires surrounding their own reported skirmishes with terrible losses.   The fact that Ike and the crew of the Iethean Hawk survived the first encounter with the faceless was a well know story.  But also being one of the few ships to engage them and drive them back in battle shortly after repairs.  Saving countless lives in different systems.  Still never seeing who or what they were fighting.  Then suddenly, they were gone.  The things they called “faceless” were no more.  Then the politics of finger pointing began.  Which Ike thought was the true war they had to deal with.  It nearly tore the whole command into a civil war.   Until the newest Hegemon won his seat and took control.  Even Ike was impressed in his skills at the way it went so smoothly.   Soon Ike was pressured into service with the Hegemon,  Which he politely declined and promptly retired. 

Ike was suddenly brought back from his memories.  At least the ones he could remember.  The Chopper landed with a solid thud on the landing pad and Ike was shocked to see not just a full welcoming squad, but the Hegemon himself standing next to Ike Jr.   Quickly every possible reason as to why he was called back to duty escaped him.    He walked up to the Hegemon, smiled and saluted the best he could.  His joints ached with disease. 

“General Ike Ironton reporting for duty,” Ike continued to stare straight forward.

The Hegemon smiled and took a step in and placed his hand on Ikes shoulder.  “Of all the people in this galaxy, you can still call me Perymore”.  Suddenly The Hegemon pulled Ike into a hug.

“It’s good to see you too Perymore.”
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I am in the mood to write, so I shall.

Both men walked into the halls of the great building which served as the high command structure on Earth.  Ike did not miss this place.  Memories, as broken as they seem to be, started to come back.  A voice of very young lieutenant could be heard in his memory.  One he knew very well.  The same voice grew from a soft tone to a much harden and focused sound.   He was interrupted before he he could drift too far. 
"Welcome back you old Rockmutton" Lt. Nillas spoke through her smile.   Her sleek form was tall, nearly six feet and 8 inches.  For her race of Tarian, it was above average.  Both crystal blue eyes which use to be Innocent and bright had changed.  Both now held convection and dominance.    But it not stop her from giving Ike a hug.
For a brief moment, Ike blushed before he stiffened up, " We are all now huggers Commander?"
Nillas smiled, "only for the special."
The three of them, escorted by six special guards continued into a command center and into a small room where they were join by four other faces that Ike knew well.  A map displayed on a board behind them with maps pointing out several known Empires, unions, confederations, united alliences as well as their own and three black X's.  The guards left the room, and it was sealed.